20 Baby Boy Names That Start With Eor

Eorcenbehrta prince riding on a stallion.Boy
Eorcnasomeone who rides a stallion.Boy
Eorconbealda mounted stallion.Boy
Eorconbehrta German word for a mounted stallion.Boy
Eorcongotaa German word meaning horse or a stallion.Boy
Eorconwealdan Anglo-Saxon word for a mounted stallion.Boy
Eoredcavalry or band or troop.Boy
Eorkonwealda group of horse mounted riders of Rohirrim.Boy
Eorla nobleman or chief of a tribe.Boy
Eorlanda noblemen's land.Boy
Eorllanda land belonging to noblemen.Boy
Eorlsona nobleman's son.Boy
Eormenburhpeople belonging to noblemen's landBoy
Eormengarda strong person from a nobleman's land.Boy
Eormengildit means public pledge.Boy
Eormenraedan Irish word meaning a public oath.Boy
Eormenreadsomebody who has undertaken a public oath.Boy
EorpGreek mythological word for Europe.Boy
Eorpherea word used in Greek mythology for describing Europe.Boy
Eorpwalda king of East Anglia.Boy

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