146 Baby Boy Names That Start With Er

ErA pure water, clean; a watchman or observantBoy
ErachNoble; Name of youngest son of King Farridoon; Belonging to Iran;Boy
Eragona fictional character who rides a dragon.Boy
ErajhMorning lightBoy
Eralsomebody of nobility.Boy
Eranfollower or awakened.Boy
EranvejLand of Aryans; Home of the Aryans; Iranian ExpanseBoy
Erardobrave and honourable.Boy
Erasmaa highly loved or beloved individual.Boy
Erasmobeloved or someone who is loved by all.Boy
Erasmusdesired or beloved or worthy or love; Saint Erasmus.Boy
Erastoan Italian word meaning beloved or highly loving.Boy
ErastusA Greek word for loving or beloved.Boy
EravantSon of Arjuna and Uloopi; A variant spelling is EravanthBoy
EravanthSon of Arjuna and Uloopi; A variant spelling is EravantBoy
EravanthaSon of Arjuna and Uloopi; A variant spelling is EravanthBoy
ErawatThe celestial white elephant of Lord Indra; A variant spelling is AirawatBoy
ErazemSlovene form of Erasmus, meaning 'beloved'.Boy
Erbican Arabic baby name for love.Boy
Erbinlegendary son of Cushtenhin.Boy
Erbirlover of god.Boy
Erchambauta British word meaning loved by all.Boy
Erchanboldsacred or bold.Boy
Erchanhardta German word meaning sacred and pious.Boy
Erchebalda German word which means something which is sacred and pious in essence and form.Boy
Erchembauta German word meaning sacrosanct.Boy
Ercoleit means gift.Boy
Erconbertan old king of Kent.Boy
ErdelanA royal familyBoy
Erecalways mighty.Boy
Ereka French word which means always mighty.Boy
ErekleGeorgian form of Herakleios, meaning glory of HeraBoy
Erelit literally means I see god.Boy
Eremboura character from mythology who rides shadows.Unisex
Erembourca French mythological character who rides shadows.Unisex
EremiasGod will upliftBoy
Erena Turkish word meaning saint.Boy
Ereza tall and strong tree; cedar.Boy
ErezwaOne who is holy and righteous.Boy
Erginripe, matured or seasoned.Boy
Erhardhonour and respect.Boy
Erhardtbrave, hardy, honour and respect.Boy
Erharta German word meaning honour and respect.Boy
Erheera Punjabi word meaning diamond.Unisex
ErhiaganomaGuardian spirit overpowers the bodyBoy
ErhimeyomaMy guardian spirit (God) is goodUnisex
ErhinyojaGod hears our prayersUnisex
ErhinyuseGod answers our prayersUnisex
ErhirogheneThe spirit of GodUnisex

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