46 Baby Boy Names That Start With Eu

Euanborn of the Yew tree.Boy
Eubankan Anglo-Saxon surname possibly referring to the Yew's banks.Unisex
Eubulea Greek word meaning good counsel.Boy
Euclidglory; also a very famous mathematician.Boy
Eudafit means glory.Boy
Euddogwya famous saint pilgrim of ancient times.Boy
Eudeatused to refer to a very ancient saint pilgrim.Boy
Eudelfrom the yew tree valley.Boy
Eudelmea grove of yew trees.Boy
Eudesthe name of a French saint.Boy
Eudeyrnfond of his king.Boy
Euellspring or source of a river.Boy
Eugenwell born or noble.Boy
Eugenea Greek word meaning high born or noble by birth.Boy
Eugenienovility or high born individual.Boy
Eugenioa Spanish name for nobility or high born.Boy
Eugeniusa Greek name meaning well born or high born or nobility.Boy
Eugeniusza Polish word meaning high born or nobility.Boy
Eugereda German word meaning nobility or high born.Boy
Eugereta word which means someone who is a high born or a nobility.Boy
Euilaunan Italian name for someone who has been born into the nobility.Boy
Eulaliaa saint who got martyred.Boy
Eulalioa Greek word meaning sweetly spoken or soft spoken.Boy
Eulyseswrathful or hater.Boy
Eumersomebody who hates.Boy
Eumira person who is wrathful or hates a lot.Boy
EuphranorTo delightBoy
Eurddolada Gaelic word for justice.Boy
EuripidesThe name refers to the strait between Euboea and Boeotia.Boy
Euroaa place in Australia.Unisex
Eurythmiarhythmic or well proportioned.Unisex
Eusebioone who worships well.Boy
EusebiosHe who is pious.Boy
Eusebiuspious or worships well.Boy
Eusebyit means pious or one who worships well.Boy
EustaceGreek word for productive or frutiful.Boy
Eustachioa very famous saint.Boy
Eustaciohealthy and strong or good harvest or fruitful.Boy
Eustaciusgood or well fruitful.Boy
Eustaquioa Spanish word meaning fruitful or productive.Boy
EustathiusWell-built, or stableBoy
EuthymiusIn good spiritsBoy
Eutigirna Welsh name meaning fond of his king.Boy
EutimioGood-spirited, one with a good spirit.Boy

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