49 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ev

Evaldsomeone as battle ready as a boar.Boy
Evangod has been gracious or stone or right hander or youth.Boy
Evanammy prayer has been heard.Boy
Evandergood man.Boy
Evandroa Latin word meaning good man.Boy
Evanna good fighter who is young.Boy
Evansgod is good.Boy
EvarajOne who shines as Bright as the Sun; Luminant and Radiant like Sun; Brilliant like SunBoy
Evaristowell pleasing.Boy
EvavadTruthful; Honest; Faithful; One who does not lie or cheatBoy
Evavadaa truthful well pleasing person,Boy
EvayavanOne who is quick; One who grants all wishes; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
Evdeamsomebody who is honest truthful and a pleasing person.Boy
Evelakein Arthurian legend the name of a king.Boy
Evengod is gracious or born of yew or youth.Boy
EvenezerFoundation stoneBoy
Eveningthe dusk or time of the day when the sun sets.Unisex
Everstrong as a boar.Boy
Everardwild boar or brave hardy.Boy
Everardobrave or hardy.Boy
Everdbrave boar or strong boar.Boy
Everestthe tallest mountain in the whole world.Boy
Everetbrave as a wilf boar.Boy
Everettsomebody who is very brave like a wild boar.Boy
Everettea person during ancient ages who was extremely brave like a wild boar.Boy
Everhardsomeone who is always hard and strong and sturdy.Boy
Everhardtboar's bravery.Boy
Everharta Gaelic word which means as brave as a boar.Boy
EverildLatinized form of a 7th century saint's name.Boy
Eversson of Evert.Boy
Evertdescribes someone who is as strong as a wild boarBoy
Evertena German word for a wild boar or someone as strong as a bear.Boy
Evertona Norwegian word meaning wild boar.Boy
EverwynHe who is a friend of the seaBoy
EvgenOne who was born goodBoy
EvgeniHe who was born goodBoy
EvgeniyHe who was born as a good personBoy
EvilOne who is not a good person, an evil oneUnisex
EvinThe God's goodnessBoy
EvinrudeA swift boat.Boy
EvolengiA long-lived manBoy
EvolengusTo have a long lifeBoy
EvradHe who is a brave boarBoy
EvramVariation of Avram, meaning the father of many nationsBoy
EvrardA man who is strong as a boarBoy
EvraudHe who has the strenght of a boarBoy
EvronTo be fruitfulBoy
EvyamarutOne who is under the protection of MartusBoy
EvyavanOne who grants all wishes; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy

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