1108 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter F

Baby Boy Names Starts With F

Did you know, the letter F is an ancestor of U, V, and W? It even takes on the sound of ‘V’ in a few words. So if the letter itself is so fascinating, don’t you think a name starting would be even more charming?

The letter F is equivalent to number six, which suggests love in all its forms. F people are compassionate, warm hearted, and extremely lovable. They have a high degree of understanding and a wish to keep harmony and balance in every situation. They even have a great sense of humor and love bringing people together with their entertainment and other artistic endeavors. Numerology also states that people with names starting with F are responsible, easy to get along with, and selfless to the point of being self-sacrificing.

However, this letter brings with itself a few insecurities. So you may have to remind your child regularly of his importance as he grows up. Also, the empathic nature of F people makes it difficult for them not to stick their nose in others' matters. This isn’t generally liked by everyone.

From Faadhil to Fshd and beyond, take a look at MomJunction's baby boy names starting with the letter F below.

FairlieOne who is from the bull's pastureBoy
FairlightA light that is shining brightBoy
FairlyOne from the clearing where the ferns growUnisex
FairmanHe who is fairBoy
FairouzA white roseBoy
FairozA victorUnisex
FairozeAprecious stone, turquoise stoneBoy
FairuzA thriumphant oneUnisex
FaisalOne who arbitratiesBoy
FaiselOccupational name, a judgeBoy
FaishahChief; Leader; Head; Principal; Place of origin of a river or torrentBoy
FaisiOne who is greatly abundantBoy
FaisilOne who is making decisionsBoy
FaivishSomeone with a bright and radiant personality.Boy
FaiyazAn artistic BoyBoy
FaizOne who has wonBoy
FaizaanA generous manBoy
FaizalOne who judgesBoy
FaizanOne who is charitableBoy
FaizeenA man who is honestBoy
FaizelAn arbiter or a judgeBoy
FaizerabbaniOne who has a divine talentBoy
FaiziOne who is completely fullBoy
FaizulanwarOne who is full of graceBoy
FaizullahAn abundance from AllahBoy
FaizzanOne who fears GodBoy
FajahatOne with good natured personality, charming and funny individualBoy
FajarDawn; Rise; Beginning; Start; Morning PrayerBoy
FajaruddinHe who is firstBoy
FajhanOne who is happy or gladBoy
FajrA twillightUnisex
FakahatHe who is good-naturedBoy
FakaruddinOne who takes pride in his religionBoy
FakeehA boy with a cheerful disposition.Boy
FakeerOne who is poorBoy
FakhirA glorious oneBoy
FakhiraldinA glorious religionBoy
FakhiriOne who is very proudBoy
FakhrOne who loves gloryBoy
Fakhr-aldinA mgnificent religionBoy
Fakhr-ud-dinGlory of the faithBoy
FakhraldinA glorious religionBoy
FakhratOne who brings joyBoy
FakhreeA proud oneBoy
FakhriGlory; Honorary; Glorious; Proud; Excellence; NobilityBoy
FakhridadinOne who worships the glorious LordBoy
FakhriddinPride of the faithBoy
FakhruddaulahA greatness of GodBoy
FakhruddawlahGod's grandureBoy
FakhruddinOne who takes pride in his religionBoy

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