1108 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter F

Baby Boy Names Starts With F

Did you know, the letter F is an ancestor of U, V, and W? It even takes on the sound of ‘V’ in a few words. So if the letter itself is so fascinating, don’t you think a name starting would be even more charming?

The letter F is equivalent to number six, which suggests love in all its forms. F people are compassionate, warm hearted, and extremely lovable. They have a high degree of understanding and a wish to keep harmony and balance in every situation. They even have a great sense of humor and love bringing people together with their entertainment and other artistic endeavors. Numerology also states that people with names starting with F are responsible, easy to get along with, and selfless to the point of being self-sacrificing.

However, this letter brings with itself a few insecurities. So you may have to remind your child regularly of his importance as he grows up. Also, the empathic nature of F people makes it difficult for them not to stick their nose in others' matters. This isn’t generally liked by everyone.

From Faadhil to Fshd and beyond, take a look at MomJunction's baby boy names starting with the letter F below.

FakhryOne who is very proudBoy
FakhtMoonlight; Moonbeam; Radiance of MoonBoy
FakihA smart, intellligent manBoy
FakirA Saintly Person; Wise and Noble; Ones spiritual need for God; One who is self-sufficientBoy
FakruddinAn emperor, a ruler of emipresBoy
FakurOne who think a lotBoy
FalA descendant of a leaderBoy
FalaagamProducer of Fruit; One who is producer of resultsBoy
FalaahQuranic name meaning salvationBoy
FalahOne who has great successBoy
FalakA path of the galaxiesUnisex
FalakikoFalakiko is a form of Francis. It means Frenchman.Boy
FalanA fertile landBoy
FalaqA daybreakUnisex
FalatunHe who is very powerfulBoy
FalcaA versatile, desirable and generous human beingBoy
FalcoSurname related to falconryBoy
FalconA Falcon birdBoy
FalconerA falcon keeperBoy
FalconnerOne who trains falconsBoy
FaleeqThe powerful creatorBoy
FalêreGreenlandic variant form of Valêre. It means to be strong.Boy
FalguA lovely BoyBoy
FalgunDay of the full moonBoy
FalgunaA name of Hindu Month; One who is Red,Reddish like a Fruit; or One who born under the naksatra phalgunBoy
FalihOne with great successUnisex
FaliqOne who divides the world in twoBoy
FalitA fertile landBoy
FalkSurname meaning falconBoy
FalkeGerman surname relating to falconBoy
FalkenSurname related to falconryBoy
FalknerOne who trains falconsBoy
FallonA supremem personBoy
FalonA man in chargeBoy
FaltaEnglish name for BoysBoy
FanShort from Francis, a famous bearerBoy
FanadharA snakeBoy
FanakarOne who is snake-likeBoy
FaneOne who is very happyBoy
FaneelSea wavesBoy
FaneemdraName of Lord ShivaBoy
FangA pen for sheepBoy
FaniOne who has freedomBoy
FanibhusanName of Lord ShivaBoy
FanibhushanOne of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
FanikesharThe ruler of the snakes.Boy
FaninathLovely; Lord of Serpents; Wonderful; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
FanindraThe Cosmic Serpent Shesh; Lord of Serpents; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
FanindranathLord of Serpents; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
FanishA cosmic serpent; name of majestic Lord ShivaBoy

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