156 Baby Boy Names That Start With Far

FaraanOne who is very happyBoy
FaraasatOne with a keen eyeBoy
FaraazAn elevationBoy
FaradisA paradiseBoy
FarafisaName of Prophet's companion.Boy
FaragA remedy for sorenesBoy
FaragarsAn accepting, rational and refined individualBoy
FarahanOne who is full of joyBoy
FarahatJoy and happinessBoy
FarajA cure for a problemBoy
FarajiA consolationBoy
FaramonArabic name for BoysBoy
FaramondA protector of travelersBoy
FaramundoThe one who travels with protection and shelter.Boy
FaranHe who moves forwardBoy
FaraqHe who tells the truthBoy
FaraqlitHe who can tell the diference between truth and liesBoy
FarasMount; A horse used for ridingBoy
FarasatA person witha keen eyeBoy
FarayioluwaI rely on God.Boy
FarazA feeling of elevationBoy
FarbodOne who protects the gloryBoy
FarbudA right personBoy
FardA religious duty that the Allah comandsBoy
FardadA man endowed with splendorBoy
FarddenA religious manBoy
FardeenOne who has the strenght of three men. Also a name of the first month of the Parsi yearBoy
FardinOne of the triple strenghtBoy
FareAncient Germanic variant form of Faro. It means journey.Boy
FaredunThrice strong. It's the name of the famous king of Iran who assassinated Zohak.Boy
FareedOne who is alone and uniqueBoy
FareeqA group of people, a crewBoy
FareesOne who has an insightBoy
FarehA glad presonBoy
FaresA knight who is as brave as a lionBoy
FarewellAn english greeting, mening a beautiful wellBoy
FarezAn eloquent person.Boy
FarghanWide open or a wave of music.Boy
FargoA person who comes from the fenced pastureUnisex
FarhaanA merry manBoy
FarhadA feeling of great happinessBoy
FarhalA man of great prosperityBoy
FarhanA happy and merry manBoy
Farhang GoodOne of good-breedingBoy
FarhaniA delightful feeling of joyBoy
FarhatA great feeling of joyBoy
FarhatullahA joy that comes from the GodBoy
FarheenA joyous and jubilant personBoy
FarhiA content and happy manBoy
FariborzOne who possesses a big honor and mightBoy
FaridA unique personalityBoy
FaridoonOne who is the thirdBoy
FariduddinThe religion's uniquenessBoy
FaridunOne who is three times strong. It's also the name of a character in Shah Nama.Boy
FarielA man who is like a starBoy
FarihA Boy who is full of joy and happyBoy
FarijiHe brings comfortBoy
FarinAn adventurous personUnisex
FarioA glad and happy personBoy
FariqA band or a group of peopleBoy
FariqatAn angel who knows what is true and what is falseBoy
FariqueOne who separatesBoy
FarisA person with good insightBoy
FaritOne of a kind who has no rivalsBoy
FariyThe first-born sonBoy
FariyazA muslim Boy nameBoy
FarjThe first light of the daybreakUnisex
FarjaadExcellent, or eminent in learning.Boy
FarjadOne who is endowed with wisdomBoy
FarjatOne who is free from sorrowBoy
FarkasHe who is like a wolfBoy
FarlHe who is from the fern clearingBoy
FarlayA man who lives on the fern fieldsBoy
FarleighHe who comes from the bull's pastureBoy
FarleyA man whose home is on the fern fieldsBoy
FarlowOne who comes from the pasture of bullsBoy
FarlyOne who lives near a bull's pastureBoy
FarmaanA document that is a decree or an edictBoy
FarmanAn edictBoy
FarmandIntelligent; Pure; WiseBoy
FarmanullahA command od the GodBoy
FarmerOccupational nameBoy
FarnallOne who comes from the slope of fernsBoy
FarnamA Boy whose home is the fern meadowBoy
FarnazOne who is from hgh status and greatBoy
FarnbagGod's glory. It's also the term for the first sacred Fire of Sassanian Iran.Boy
FarnellA person who came from the fern slopeBoy
FarnhamHe who came from the field of fernsBoy
FarnleaA male from the fern fieldsBoy
FarnleeHe is from the fern meadowBoy
FarnleighHe is from the fern fieldsBoy
FarnleyA person who lives on the fern fieldsBoy
FarnlyHe is from the valley of fernsBoy
FarnumA Boy from the meadow of fernBoy
FaroharConquest; Angel; SpiritBoy
FarokhA fortunate and blessed oneBoy
FarolA heroic and a superior manBoy
FaroldA traveler of powerBoy

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