27 Baby Boy Names That Start With Fel

FelabeorbtA brilliant young BoyBoy
FelabeorhtA Boy who shines birlliantlyBoy
FelamaereA renown and famous BoyBoy
FeldingHe who lives in the fieldsBoy
FeldonOne whose estate has a lot of fieldsBoy
FeldtunHe who comes from the fieldsBoy
FeldunA Boy from the fieldsBoy
FeleogildA name of one of the saints.Boy
FeletiA state of peaceBoy
FelexVariation of Felix which means Happy or FortunateBoy
FelgildA challenging, humble and unique person; dynamic personBoy
FelicianA lucky and fortunate BoyBoy
FelicianoA young man who is luckyBoy
FelicioHe who is lucky in lifeBoy
FelicjanA man of good fortuneBoy
FeliksA lucky and successful manBoy
FelimOne who is forever-goodBoy
FelipeA horse loverBoy
FelisHe who is fortunate in lifeBoy
FelixA man who is blessed with good fortune, luck and successBoy
FellA Boy from the rough hillBoy
FelmanA man who dwells near the cragBoy
FelotOne who has a charming personality, a felt makerBoy
FeltenA healthy and vigourous man. Used mainly as a surname in EnglandBoy
FeltinOne who si healthyBoy
FeltonHe came from the fieldsBoy
FeluA nickname for BoysBoy

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