47 Baby Boy Names That Start With Fer

FerdA short from Ferdinand, means one who lives near the alder treesBoy
FerdieHe is on the brave journeyBoy
FerdinandA daring and brave journeyBoy
FerdinandoHe is a brave travelerBoy
FerdinandusA daring travelerBoy
FerdnanA Boy who is like a sunshineBoy
FerdoHe is on a ready journeyBoy
FerdowsHe is like a paradiseBoy
FerdynandOne who stars a brave journeyBoy
FerencA man with freedomBoy
FereydoonThe third manBoy
FergalA brave young BoyBoy
FergieHe who is like a rock. Also means a man who made a choiceBoy
FergusHe is a rock, a stoneBoy
FergusonThe son of the rockBoy
FerhadHelper or phraortesBoy
FerhatWinner; Smart; Male HeroBoy
FeridUnique; Unmatched; A variant of FaridBoy
FerinThe winds that come from the WestBoy
FerizOne who is lucky or fortunate.Boy
FerjalA prosperous, rich and well settled boy.Boy
FerkaFrenchman or French.Boy
FermanA man who is superior and commands respect.Boy
FerminOne with strenghtBoy
FernA green, shade loving plant. A fern.Unisex
FernaldOne from the fern landsBoy
FernallHe comes from the fern covered hillsideBoy
FernandA traveler blessed with braveryBoy
FernandezThe son of an adventurous travelerBoy
FernandoA bold voyagerBoy
FernhamTo come from a meadow where fern growsBoy
FernleaTo be from the fern meadowsBoy
FernleeTo have home in the fern meadowsBoy
FernleighHe can be found in the fern fieldsBoy
FernleyOne who comes from the fern ladsBoy
FernlyHe is from the fern landsBoy
FerozA succesful and winning personBoy
FerranA brave voyagerBoy
FerrandA man of grey hairBoy
FerrantA surname, means a grey haired oneBoy
FerrariAn occupational name, meaning a blacksmithUnisex
FerrinA servant who is most handsomeBoy
FerrisOne who makes the best choicesBoy
FerrolA Spanish place nameBoy
FerronOne who works with the ironBoy
FerruccioOne with the iron swordBoy

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