136 Baby Boy Names That Start With Fi

FiachraA saint-like manBoy
FiacreHe who is like an eagleBoy
FiadhMan dark as ravenBoy
FiamA happy and joyous feelingBoy
FicoA person who is like a figBoy
FidaaTo ask for ransomBoy
FidaanA ransomerBoy
FidelLatin - Faithful; Derived from the word FidelisBoy
FideleA faithful personBoy
FidelioHe who is truthful and faithfulBoy
FidelisTo be honest and faithfu;Boy
FidelityTo stay true and faithfulUnisex
FidesTruthfulnes and faithfulnessBoy
FidviOne who is ready to sacrifice himself.Boy
FieA darkness of peaceBoy
FieldA landscape. A man from the fieldBoy
FieldingA man who lives in the fieldBoy
FienA man of eleganceBoy
FieteFrisian form of Frederick, meaning peace.Boy
FifeA Scottish surname, meaning a man from the ancien Kingdom FifeBoy
FigaroA darring and cunning manBoy
FihrA stone pestle, usually used to crush or grind (opponents)Boy
FikhamGreat; Illustrious; Bright; LuminousBoy
FikharPride, prestige and gloryBoy
FikriAn intellectual personBoy
FilA person who loves horsesBoy
FilbertAn exceedingly bright personBoy
FilberteA brilliant, well-learned individualBoy
FilbertoA smart and intelligent personBoy
FilbukExtremely intutive and wittyBoy
FilemonA friendly and loving personBoy
FilibertoAn extremely bright personBoy
FilipA horse lover (Spanish)Boy
FilipeA person who loves horsesBoy
FilippoA person who passionately loves horsesBoy
FilipposA person who is friendly with horsesBoy
FiliusA male offspring; son; heirBoy
FillanA little Wolf; name of a saintBoy
FillipA person who greatly loves horsesBoy
FillmoreA highly famous personalityBoy
FilmarrExtremely well-known; praiseful and law abiding personBoy
FilmerA person who is very popularBoy
FilmoreA well reknowned personBoy
FinA person who is fair and mythologyBoy
FinbarFair-headed one; one who addsBoy
FinbarrFair-headed one (variant of finbar)Boy
FinchOne who catches and breeds finches (a bird species)Boy
FindlayA little fair-haired soldierBoy
FindleyA fair and courageous personBoy
FingraGreen pasture where cows like to stay and eat grass.Boy
FiniasThe Oracle; the son of Eli; Dark-skinnedBoy
FinisThe End; the final oneBoy
FinjaFair, pale or white (Derived from Irish name Finn)Boy
FinlayA fair and heroic warriorBoy
FinleyA courageous soldier who is fairBoy
FinloA fair Lugh( sun-God of Ireland & Mann), i.e. warriorBoy
FinnA 'fair' or 'white' personBoy
FinnanFair, white or blond (haired) (variation of finian)Boy
FinnbhearaThe King of the FairiesBoy
FinnbogiNorwegian term meaning merchant.Boy
FinneasThe Oracle; Biblically, the son of Eli; Dark-skinned( Egyptian)Boy
FinnianA little white; fair manBoy
FinnickBecame popular after usage in Hunger GamesBoy
FinniganDescendants of the fair onesBoy
FinnulaA fair-shouldered personBoy
FinnurOne from Finland.Boy
FinolaOne with white shouldersBoy
Fintan"white-fire" or "white-bull"; deemed to be the only suvivor of Great FloodBoy
FinualaA person who has fair shouldersBoy
FinulaA pale-shouldered femaleBoy
FinvarraKing of the Mound of FairiesBoy
FionFair or white (latinised version of fionn)Boy
FionaWhite or fair (latinised version of fionna)Boy
FionanA fair offspringBoy
FionnLiterally translates to "fair"Boy
FionnaWhite or fair (feminine for fionn)Boy
FionnanA fair descendant (derived from fionn)Boy
FionnbharA person who has fair hairBoy
FionnbharrA white or blond-haired personBoy
FionneA white or fair personBoy
FionnghualaA fair-shouldered individualBoy
Fionntan"White-inferno" or "white-bull"; legendarily, the sole suvivor of Great FloodBoy
FionnualaThe girl with fair shouldersBoy
Fiontan"White-fire" or "white-bull"; only one to endure the Great FloodBoy
FionulaHer, who is said to have white shouldersBoy
FioraA blossomed flower; Roman Goddess of SpringBoy
FioreA flower (Italian version of fiora)Boy
FiorelaA little Flower (derived from Latin fiora)Boy
FirA sharpened tool, usually used as a weaponBoy
FiraqThe act of separatingBoy
FirasA lion; Highly insightful and astuteUnisex
FirasahA highly insightful and perceptive personBoy
FirashPerceptiveness, IngenuityBoy
FirdausThe Heavenly City of the Gods; Divine Garden (similar to that of Eden)Unisex
FirdausiParadisical; Heaven-likeUnisex
FirdawsThe Heavens or the ParadiseUnisex
FirdoosThe Heavens or the ParadiseUnisex
FirdoseThe Paradise City of the GodsBoy

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