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136 Baby Boy Names That Start With Fi

Fiachra A saint-like man Boy
Fiacre He who is like an eagle Boy
Fiadh Man dark as raven Boy
Fiam A happy and joyous feeling Boy
Fico A person who is like a fig Boy
Fidaa To ask for ransom Boy
Fidaan A ransomer Boy
Fidel Latin - Faithful; Derived from the word Fidelis Boy
Fidele A faithful person Boy
Fidelio He who is truthful and faithful Boy
Fidelis To be honest and faithfu; Boy
Fidelity To stay true and faithful Unisex
Fides Truthfulnes and faithfulness Boy
Fidvi One who is ready to sacrifice himself. Boy
Fie A darkness of peace Boy
Field A landscape. A man from the field Boy
Fielding A man who lives in the field Boy
Fien A man of elegance Boy
Fiero Proud Boy
Fiete Frisian form of Frederick, meaning peace. Boy
Fife A Scottish surname, meaning a man from the ancien Kingdom Fife Boy
Figaro A darring and cunning man Boy
Fihr A stone pestle, usually used to crush or grind (opponents) Boy
Fikham Great; Illustrious; Bright; Luminous Boy
Fikhar Pride, prestige and glory Boy
Fikret Thought Boy
Fikri An intellectual person Boy
Fil A person who loves horses Boy
Filbert An exceedingly bright person Boy
Filberte A brilliant, well-learned individual Boy
Filberto A smart and intelligent person Boy
Filbuk Extremely intutive and witty Boy
Filemon A friendly and loving person Boy
Filiberto An extremely bright person Boy
Filip A horse lover (Spanish) Boy
Filipe A person who loves horses Boy
Filippo A person who passionately loves horses Boy
Filippos A person who is friendly with horses Boy
Filius A male offspring; son; heir Boy
Fillan A little Wolf; name of a saint Boy
Fillip A person who greatly loves horses Boy
Fillmore A highly famous personality Boy
Filmarr Extremely well-known; praiseful and law abiding person Boy
Filmer A person who is very popular Boy
Filmore A well reknowned person Boy
Fin A person who is fair and mythology Boy
Finbar Fair-headed one; one who adds Boy
Finbarr Fair-headed one (variant of finbar) Boy
Finch One who catches and breeds finches (a bird species) Boy
Findlay A little fair-haired soldier Boy

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