27 Baby Boy Names That Start With Fir

FirA sharpened tool, usually used as a weaponBoy
FiraqThe act of separatingBoy
FirasA lion; Highly insightful and astuteUnisex
FirasahA highly insightful and perceptive personBoy
FirashPerceptiveness, IngenuityBoy
FirdausThe Heavenly City of the Gods; Divine Garden (similar to that of Eden)Unisex
FirdausiParadisical; Heaven-likeUnisex
FirdawsThe Heavens or the ParadiseUnisex
FirdoosThe Heavens or the ParadiseUnisex
FirdoseThe Paradise City of the GodsBoy
FirdousThe Realm of ParadiseUnisex
FirdowsThe place of Eternal ParadiseBoy
FirdozeRefers to the abode of the GodsBoy
FirdusParadise; Garden Enclosure; HeavenBoy
FirenzeA blossoming flower; Italian name for the city FlorenceUnisex
FirhunThe name of a leader who was protested for West African independence.Boy
FirmanFair,White (in English); A mandate or edict (in Arabic); Firm (in Latin)Unisex
FirminAn unyielding and firm person (derived from Latin Firmus meaning firm)Unisex
FirminoA steadfast, unwavering and firm personalityBoy
FirnasPowerful; Brave; Thick Necked Lion; Mighty; StrongBoy
FirohHappiness; Joyful; Delighted; Charmed; EcstaticBoy
FirojA winner, successful personBoy
FirouzahReference to Turquoise, a semi-precious stone of Turkish originBoy
FirozA victorious and blessed individual; also refers to turquoise, the precious gemBoy
FirthA small inlet or estuary of a seaBoy
FiruzehRefers to the greenish-blue colored gemstone, TurquoiseBoy
FiryalA person's nameBoy

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