61 Baby Boy Names That Start With Fo

FobbA flexible and energetic personBoy
FobbaFemale version of Fobb; deep and sensitiveBoy
FoccaA field where grass are grown to be made into hay.Boy
FoivosSomething pure and brilliant; bright oneBoy
FojanA derivative of Fawzhan, it means triumphant and successful; loud voiceBoy
FokisiTongan word for fox.Boy
FokkoFolk, war bandBoy
FolamiHonor and respect me; is the one who spreads warmth and sparkleUnisex
FolarinWalk with gloryBoy
FolcaHas great nature; a good looking person; folkBoy
FolcheorhtA Biblical masculine name; a strong soldierBoy
FoleyIt refers to a 'disrupter or plunderer'Boy
FolkeA name which means 'people' or 'humans; a chiefBoy
FolkerA name referring to the guardian of people or tribe of peopleBoy
FolsomA homeland; often a variant of Foulsham, a habitative nameBoy
FoluA shy or timid man.Boy
FonA noble and ready individual; patientUnisex
FonsDerived from Spanish name "Alfonso' it means someone noble and honorableBoy
FonsieDiminutive of Spanish name 'Alfonso', it means someone respectable and nobleBoy
FonsoVariant of Spanish name 'Alfonso' it means someone who is honorable and readyBoy
FontaineIt represents a fountain or jetspringBoy
FontaneFontane is Belgian word for fountain.Boy
FonzSomeone who us diligent and prepared for a battle; derivative of "Alfonso"Boy
FonzellA varied form of 'Alfonso', it means noble and battle-readyBoy
FonzieA version of the name 'Alfonso', it represents an honorable and ready for a fightBoy
FonzoA abbreviated form of 'Alfonso' which means all equipped for a battleBoy
FonzyOriginating from the word 'Alfonso' it represents someone who is honor-worthy and fight-readyBoy
FoolaThe name means a flower, blossom or bloomBoy
FoolenduFull Moon; One who is luminant, radiant and bright like full moon; A variant of name FulenduBoy
ForbesA variant of the word 'Forba' it means a field or an arenaBoy
FordA causeway along a river or streamBoy
FordeA river or stream crossing; variation of the name 'Ford'Boy
FordenAn alternant of the word 'Ford', it represents a shallow place across a river or streamBoy
FordonA variated version of the name 'Ford', it represents a shallow passage across a riverBoy
FordwinA rare name which refers to a river or stream crossingBoy
ForemanIt is used to mean a leader and 'front-man' of a teamBoy
ForestIt literally translates to woodlands, i.e. areas thickly covered with green treesBoy
ForesterThe name refers to a forest or woodland-rangerBoy
ForooharIt means quintessence or intrinsic natureBoy
ForrestA variant of the name 'Forest', it represents green woods or a forestBoy
ForresterAn alternate of the word 'Forester', it means he keeper of the woods or forestBoy
ForsetiName of Balder's son.Boy
ForthhereHistorically, the name of the Bishop of ShermorneBoy
ForthredA name given to the CounselBoy
FortunatModified from 'Fortuna', it means 'fortunate and happy'Boy
FortunatoAn anternant of 'Fortunat', it refers to a 'happy and luck-endowed' personBoy
FortunatusA person who is favoured by Lady LuckBoy
FortuneDerived from the name 'Fortuna', it literally means 'luck' or 'fortune'Boy
FortuoIt translates to 'good luck'; Also refers to a baby born on 20th of AprilUnisex
ForumFragrance; Good Smell; KhushbooBoy
ForwinBulky food like grass or hay.Boy
FoscoDerived from Latin word 'fuscus' which means something 'dull' and'dark-colored'Boy
FosterIt can be interpretted to mean 'supportive and nurturing'; Also refers to a foresterBoy
FotisAlternatet of the Greek word Photios, it means a beam lightBoy
FouadHeart; Soul; A variant of name FuadBoy
FowlerHunter of wild birds or fowlsBoy
FoxAnimal nameUnisex
FoxworthVariant of the word 'Foxworthy', it refers to an enclosureBoy
FoyAlternant of 'Fee' which means 'faith and hope'Unisex
FoyleA person who resides beside a pit or hollowUnisex
FozhanA derivative of Fawzhan, it means triumphant and successful; loud voiceBoy

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