61 Baby Boy Names That Start With Fo

ForwinBulky food like grass or hay.Boy
FoscoDerived from Latin word 'fuscus' which means something 'dull' and'dark-colored'Boy
FosterIt can be interpretted to mean 'supportive and nurturing'; Also refers to a foresterBoy
FotisAlternatet of the Greek word Photios, it means a beam lightBoy
FouadHeart; Soul; A variant of name FuadBoy
FowlerHunter of wild birds or fowlsBoy
FoxAnimal nameUnisex
FoxworthVariant of the word 'Foxworthy', it refers to an enclosureBoy
FoyAlternant of 'Fee' which means 'faith and hope'Unisex
FoyleA person who resides beside a pit or hollowUnisex
FozhanA derivative of Fawzhan, it means triumphant and successful; loud voiceBoy

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