181 Baby Boy Names That Start With Fr

FranzlDerived from 'Franz', it refers to a French person who is freeBoy
FraricusLatinised form of British name 'Frederick' which means a rich and mighty rulerBoy
FraronHonest; Righteous; Sincere; VirtuousBoy
FraserMen from the forest; strawberries; a man with curly hairBoy
FrashegirdWonderful; Magnificent; Amazing; SplendidBoy
FrasierVariant of 'Fraser', it refers to forest men or a strawberryBoy
FrauncesAn obsolete form of 'France' and refers to a FrenchmanBoy
FravashGuardian Angel; Protector; Spirit;Boy
FravindadObtaining Glory; Renowned; Well Known; HonouredBoy
FrayIt refers to the foremost person; LordBoy
FraynA person who is a foreignerBoy
FrayneRefers to a stranger or unknown personBoy
FrazeA strawberry; Variant of the older word 'Fraise'Boy
FrazerDerived from French word 'Fraise' meaning strawberriesBoy
FrazierA derivative from the word 'Fraise' it means a strawberryBoy
FrealafSplit into 'Frea'+'Laf' meaning the 'Surviving Master'Boy
FreanA foreigner or stranger; Variant of the name 'Frayne'Boy
FreawineSon of Frithugar, in the Anglo-Saxon ChronicleBoy
FrecaA person who is bold and daringBoy
FredEnglish diminutive of German word 'Friedrich' meaning a peaceful rulerBoy
FreddieDiminutive of Frederick or Alfred, it refers to a peaceful kingBoy
FreddyShort for 'Frederick', the name refers to a man who is peaceful in his rulingBoy
FredekVariation of the name 'Frederick' meaning a ruler who maintains peace and harmonyBoy
FredericRefers to a peaceloving ruler; Made up of 'frid' meaning 'peace' and 'ric' meaning ruler in GermanBoy
FrederichEnglish alternant of the German name 'Friedrich', it refers to a man who is a peace-maintaining rulerBoy
FrederickEnglish form of German name 'Friedrich', it means a peaceful rulerBoy
FredericoA Portuguese version of the name 'Frederick', it refers to a peaceful rulerBoy
FrederikA variant of 'Frederick', it means 'a peaceable ruler'Boy
FrederykAn alternate of 'Frederick' which means a ruler who maintains peacefulnessBoy
FrediA peaceful individual (or ruler)Boy
FredjBliss, content or enjoyment.Boy
FredoItalian diminutive of 'Frederick' meaning a peace'keeping rulerBoy
FredricMadeup of the words 'frid' and 'ric' meaning 'peaceful ruler'Boy
FredrickVariant of 'Frederick' meaning a ruler who loves peacefulnessBoy
FredyAn altered diminutive of 'Frederick', it means a peaceful kingBoy
FreeAs the name suggests, it refers to a free and unbound individualUnisex
FreebornAs the name translates, it means a person who is born with freedomBoy
FreedDerived from 'Frederick', it means a peaceful leaderBoy
FreedmanThe name refers to a man who is free and unbound; Derived from German 'Friedman'Boy
FreelandDerived from the name 'freoland' it means a person residing on a free landBoy
FreeloveDerived from the Old English name 'Friðulaf', it translates to 'peace-survivor'Boy
FreemanAs the name translates, it refers to a person who is free and unrestrictedBoy
FreemonReferring to a 'free man'Boy
FreenMeaning a stranger or foreigner; Alternate of 'Frayne'Boy
FreiIt means the Lord or Master; a free manBoy
FrekiName of Odin's wolf.Boy
FremiA protector, noble and a guardianBoy
FremontIt means 'Noble Guardian'; liberty and noblemanBoy
FremundPossibly named after St. Fremund, hermit and martyr of Anglo-Saxon EnglandBoy
FrenchA free individual belonging to France; wild horseUnisex

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