181 Baby Boy Names That Start With Fr

FreoIt refers to a Lord or Master; a noblemanBoy
FreodhoricAn English word derived from Old German 'freothuric' meaning peaceful rulerBoy
FreomundNamed after the miraculous hermit and martyr St. Fremund; loves to travelBoy
FreothulOne who is always in search of opportunitiesBoy
FreothulafA logical and analytical beingBoy
FreowineRefers to a honest mate or buddy.Boy
FrewenHonest mate or upright friend.Boy
FrewinFree, noble friendBoy
FrewynTrue friend or upright buddy.Boy
FreydolfLothario or Casanova who lives peacefully among the community.Boy
FreydulfRomeo who lives happily among the people.Boy
FreyneResembles foreign countries.Boy
FreyrNorse God of weather.Boy
FreysteinSomething or someone's that's rock hard.Boy
FrickerDerived from Middle English word frik(i)en, which means to move briskly or nimbly.Boy
FridayDay of frigga, Goddess of weddings.Unisex
FridayweedThe fury or rage on FridayBoy
FriderikSlovene form of Frederick. It means 'peaceful ruler'.Boy
FriderikiA friend who is very honest in relationship.Boy
FridgeirPeace spearBoy
FridleifName of Ari's father.Boy
FridmarBrilliant or shining peaceBoy
FridolfPeaceful wolfBoy
FridolphA peaceful wolfBoy
FridtjofThe one who stoles the harmony.Boy
FridulfRomeo of harmony.Boy
FriduwulfLothario of peace.Boy
FridwolfWomanizer who lives happily in the society.Boy
FriederichA peaceful ruler or kingBoy
FriedhelmExact or real peaceful situation.Boy
FriedmanThe one who lives peacefully.Boy
FriedmannOne who lives peace and lives peacefullyBoy
FriedrichThe kind who rules the county peacefully.Boy
FriendA companion or a mateBoy
FriethjofA peaceful ruler, one who rules peacefullyBoy
FrigedagMeans Friday or Frige's day.Boy
FrigyesHungarian form of Frederick (Peaceful commander).Boy
FrikaThe one who is daring and brave.Boy
FrimuntWho caress for persons or property.Boy
FriocFrom the field of the sheep or bulls.Boy
FriscoRefers to bare land or empty location.Boy
FrithRefers to freedom from slavery.Boy
FrithebertThe brightness of Peace.Boy
FrithegodThe God or The lord of PeaceBoy
FrithelThe one who love PeaceBoy
FritheswithOne who is free and safeBoy
FrithonaGod has been provided.Boy

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