63 Baby Boy Names That Start With Fra

FradoFirst; One who has won great HonorsBoy
FraenerA dwarf who transformed into a dragon or The symbol of greedBoy
FraetaAn effective and affectionate personBoy
FraganFoundations or fundamental baseBoy
FraineSomeone who is a stranger or foreignerBoy
FraleyRefers to a friar, i.e. a person belonging to a particular (religious) community or cultBoy
FramSomeone who is forward, outward and braveBoy
FramecaA tender, agreeable and adorable beingBoy
FramelaAn excited, lonesome and able beingBoy
FranSomeone who is French by bloodUnisex
FrancRefers to a Frenchman; independent and nobleBoy
FrancescantonioMade up of Italian word Frances and Latin Antonio, it refers to a Frenchman worthy of praiseBoy
FrancescoItalian version of the name 'Francis' it means a Frenchman or free manBoy
FranchotA Frenchman or a free individualBoy
FrancisThe masculine word for 'Frances', it means 'hailing from France' or a free personBoy
FranciscaFrom franceUnisex
FranciscoA variant of Latin name 'Franciscus' it refers to a Frenchman or a free manBoy
FranciscusIt represents The Frank or a man who has his roots in FranceBoy
FranciskusGerman form of Latin 'Franciscus' and means 'a free man'Boy
FranciszekIt refers to a Frenchman or 'the free one'Boy
FrancizekModified from 'Franciszek', it means 'the free man' or 'The Frank'Boy
FranckDerived from the German word 'Frank', it refers to a Frank or a FrenchmanBoy
FrancklinDerived from Anglo-Franco word 'Fraunclein', it refers to a 'free landlord'Boy
FrancklynA variant of 'Francklin', it refers to a 'free landowner'Boy
FrancoObtained from German word 'Frank' it refers to a man of French originBoy
FrancoisIt refers to a person with French descentBoy
FraneCroatian form of Francis, meaning freeman.Boy
FranekDerived from the German name 'Frank', it refers to a person who is free or is from FranceBoy
FranjoCroatian form of Frances, meaning free man.Boy
FrankOriginally the name common to German tribes, it soon became synonymous with 'a free personBoy
FrankeVariant of 'Frank',which means a free FrenchmanBoy
FrankiAltered from 'Frank', it refers to a man of French originBoy
FrankieModified from the name 'Frank', the name means a Frank or Frenchman who is freeBoy
FranklinObtained from Anglo-Franco word 'Fraunclein', the name means a 'free land-master'Boy
FranklinnVariant of 'Frankiln', it refers to a 'free man'Boy
FranklynDerivative of Anglo-Franco word 'Fraunclein', it means a 'free landlord'Boy
FranklynnVariant of the word 'Franklyn' , it refers to a person who is freeBoy
FrankoDerived from Latin word 'Frank', meaning a 'Frenchman' or a free personBoy
FrankyA name referring to he who is 'free and of French origin'Boy
FransReferring to a man of French origin and who is freeBoy
FransiscoA Latin variant of 'Francis', it means a Frenchman who is freeBoy
FrantisekCzech form of 'Franciscus' which means a free individualBoy
FrantsVariant of name 'Francis', it refers to a free French personBoy
FrantzAlternant of the word 'Francis', meaning a man of French origin who is a free individualBoy
FranyFree One; From France; A variant of name FrannyBoy
FranzA man who is of French descent and who is freeBoy
FranzenDerived from 'Franciscus' it refers to a free man of French lineageBoy
FranziskusAlternant of Latin name 'Franciscus', it means a free FrenchmanBoy
FranzlDerived from 'Franz', it refers to a French person who is freeBoy
FraricusLatinised form of British name 'Frederick' which means a rich and mighty rulerBoy
FraronHonest; Righteous; Sincere; VirtuousBoy
FraserMen from the forest; strawberries; a man with curly hairBoy
FrashegirdWonderful; Magnificent; Amazing; SplendidBoy
FrasierVariant of 'Fraser', it refers to forest men or a strawberryBoy
FrauncesAn obsolete form of 'France' and refers to a FrenchmanBoy
FravashGuardian Angel; Protector; Spirit;Boy
FravindadObtaining Glory; Renowned; Well Known; HonouredBoy
FrayIt refers to the foremost person; LordBoy
FraynA person who is a foreignerBoy
FrayneRefers to a stranger or unknown personBoy
FrazeA strawberry; Variant of the older word 'Fraise'Boy
FrazerDerived from French word 'Fraise' meaning strawberriesBoy
FrazierA derivative from the word 'Fraise' it means a strawberryBoy

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