50 Baby Boy Names That Start With Fre

FrealafSplit into 'Frea'+'Laf' meaning the 'Surviving Master'Boy
FreanA foreigner or stranger; Variant of the name 'Frayne'Boy
FreawineSon of Frithugar, in the Anglo-Saxon ChronicleBoy
FrecaA person who is bold and daringBoy
FredEnglish diminutive of German word 'Friedrich' meaning a peaceful rulerBoy
FreddieDiminutive of Frederick or Alfred, it refers to a peaceful kingBoy
FreddyShort for 'Frederick', the name refers to a man who is peaceful in his rulingBoy
FredekVariation of the name 'Frederick' meaning a ruler who maintains peace and harmonyBoy
FredericRefers to a peaceloving ruler; Made up of 'frid' meaning 'peace' and 'ric' meaning ruler in GermanBoy
FrederichEnglish alternant of the German name 'Friedrich', it refers to a man who is a peace-maintaining rulerBoy
FrederickEnglish form of German name 'Friedrich', it means a peaceful rulerBoy
FredericoA Portuguese version of the name 'Frederick', it refers to a peaceful rulerBoy
FrederikA variant of 'Frederick', it means 'a peaceable ruler'Boy
FrederykAn alternate of 'Frederick' which means a ruler who maintains peacefulnessBoy
FrediA peaceful individual (or ruler)Boy
FredjBliss, content or enjoyment.Boy
FredoItalian diminutive of 'Frederick' meaning a peace'keeping rulerBoy
FredricMadeup of the words 'frid' and 'ric' meaning 'peaceful ruler'Boy
FredrickVariant of 'Frederick' meaning a ruler who loves peacefulnessBoy
FredyAn altered diminutive of 'Frederick', it means a peaceful kingBoy
FreeAs the name suggests, it refers to a free and unbound individualUnisex
FreebornAs the name translates, it means a person who is born with freedomBoy
FreedDerived from 'Frederick', it means a peaceful leaderBoy
FreedmanThe name refers to a man who is free and unbound; Derived from German 'Friedman'Boy
FreelandDerived from the name 'freoland' it means a person residing on a free landBoy
FreeloveDerived from the Old English name 'Friðulaf', it translates to 'peace-survivor'Boy
FreemanAs the name translates, it refers to a person who is free and unrestrictedBoy
FreemonReferring to a 'free man'Boy
FreenMeaning a stranger or foreigner; Alternate of 'Frayne'Boy
FreiIt means the Lord or Master; a free manBoy
FrekiName of Odin's wolf.Boy
FremiA protector, noble and a guardianBoy
FremontIt means 'Noble Guardian'; liberty and noblemanBoy
FremundPossibly named after St. Fremund, hermit and martyr of Anglo-Saxon EnglandBoy
FrenchA free individual belonging to France; wild horseUnisex
FreoIt refers to a Lord or Master; a noblemanBoy
FreodhoricAn English word derived from Old German 'freothuric' meaning peaceful rulerBoy
FreomundNamed after the miraculous hermit and martyr St. Fremund; loves to travelBoy
FreothulOne who is always in search of opportunitiesBoy
FreothulafA logical and analytical beingBoy
FreowineRefers to a honest mate or buddy.Boy
FrewenHonest mate or upright friend.Boy
FrewinFree, noble friendBoy
FrewynTrue friend or upright buddy.Boy
FreydolfLothario or Casanova who lives peacefully among the community.Boy
FreydulfRomeo who lives happily among the people.Boy
FreyneResembles foreign countries.Boy
FreyrNorse God of weather.Boy
FreysteinSomething or someone's that's rock hard.Boy

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