56 Baby Boy Names That Start With Fu

FuRefers to well to do and prosperous.Boy
FuaadHeart or conscience.Boy
FuadHeart; Soul; A variant name is FouadBoy
FudailExcellent in characterBoy
FudailiA person who is trustworthy and humble beingBoy
FugeltunForm the park land of the people.Boy
FugolResembling a fowl or birdie.Boy
FuiA generous and helpful personBoy
FujaiName of Prophet's companion.Boy
FulatonFarm house of the multitude.Boy
FulbabuA dancer who sounds out rhythms by using metal taps on the toes and heels of the shoes.Boy
FulbertGlittering radiance or glowing light.Boy
FulbrightThe one who is an outstanding person or extraordinary man.Boy
FulcaOne who is concentrated and patient beingBoy
FulcoA community of people smaller than a town.Boy
FulenduFull Moon; One who is luminant, radiant and bright like full moon; A variant spelling is FoolenduBoy
FulgencioSparkling or shining.Boy
FulhertVery positive or upbeat.Boy
FulkThe people or chieftainBoy
FulkeOn behalf of multitude.Boy
FullNot empty, always to the topBoy
FullerThe one who stitches clothes.Boy
FullereAny material used to thicken.Boy
FullertonThe town or city of Fuller.Boy
FullofaudesAn alert and dependable individual; loyalBoy
FulopThe person who admires horses.Boy
FultonField near townBoy
FulupBretons form of Philip, meaning lover of horsesBoy
FulvioThe one who is having red hair.Boy
Fumihiro (ふみひろ)Refers extensive condemnation.Boy
FuqqahRefers to floret or floras or floret.Boy
FurThe fire, one who worked with fireBoy
FuraniqThe commander of an armed group.Boy
FurhatThe pleasantness or the happinessBoy
FurioMarked by extreme and violent energy.Boy
FurkanVariant of Furqan. It means evidence or proof.Boy
FurmaanOutstanding rules and regulations.Boy
FurmanA driver of a horse-cart for deliveryBoy
FurnaldThe mountain covered by leaves.Boy
FurooghRefers to cheerful, happy or lustre.Boy
FurozhA glowing radiance.Boy
FurqaanRefers to confirmation or indication.Boy
FurqanRefers to immune or resistant.Boy
FurqauDistance between the fact and the untruth.Boy
FursatPerfect time or exact time.Unisex
FurudRefers to individuality or exclusivity.Boy
FurughuddinIllumination of the religionBoy
FutaihRefers to foundation or creation.Boy
FuttehkhanThe triumph or a ruler, or a winner kingBoy
FutuhRefers to triumph or overcome.Boy

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