135 Baby Boy Names That Start With Gar

GarA short form of garethBoy
GaradenComes from the mountain which reflects as a triangle in shape.Boy
GaradinRefers to a fountain which has three points.Boy
GaradunA mountain which has three corners.Boy
GaradynA hill which has 3 angles.Boy
GarafeldA meadow which resembles as a shape of triangle.Boy
GarajanThunder; Bellow; Loud and Powerful SoundBoy
GaralakantName of son of Lord Shiva; EshwarBoy
GaraldThe commander who rules the troop with a spear.Boy
GaranRefers to castrating or spaying.Boy
GaratunThe person who lives in a triangle shaped farmhouse.Boy
GarautOne of a great surnames.Boy
GarbeorhtOne who is self expressive and loyalBoy
GarbhaName of the innermost sanctum of hindu templeBoy
GarbhakaA truthful and real individualBoy
GarbisArmenian - SpearBoy
GarbuttSpear or messengerBoy
GarcOne who is born with original ideasBoy
GardThe person who works in a garden.Boy
GardabhiAn Ass; DungbeetleBoy
GardenerRefers to a person who is a worker in garden.Boy
GardieA person who guides towards the garden.Boy
GardinerA person who protects the garden.Boy
GardnerOne who is a care-taker of a gardenBoy
Garebdirty or shabby.Boy
GaredA person who is very powerful in handling a spear.Boy
GarekA person who leads the nation with a spear.Boy
GarenFrench - Guardian; Guards; Son of Gary; A Spearman; A variant of GarronBoy
GaretA person who is firm with a spear.Boy
GareyThe person who is with a spear.Boy
GarfieldEnglish - Triangular Field; Battlefield; Spear Field; A variant of name GarfeldBoy
GargName of a Saint; A surname of the Agarwal Vaishya communityBoy
GargaAnother name to Bharadwaj family.Boy
GargeyaA descendant of Garga; From the family of great saint GargaBoy
GargyaOne who belongs to the family of Ganga.Boy
GarhapatiOne who shelters the house.Boy
GarhaultA logical, able and over sensitive personBoy
GaribnivajOne who sponsors the poor people.Boy
GarickRefers to an oak timber.Boy
GarilandA person comes from the land of spear.Boy
GarinA form of GarryBoy
GarionA form or similar to GarryBoy
GarisA topographic name for ditchBoy
GarishtHeaviest; Profound; DeepBoy
GaristhaRefers to honoured or respected person.Boy
GaritA person who always with a spear.Boy
GarjaRefers to bold and courageous.Boy
GarjanThunder; Bellow; Loud and Powerful SoundBoy

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