207 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ge

GearaltThe one who gives order by using the spear.Boy
GearardOne who is mighty as spear.Boy
GeareyOne who is unpredictable or unstable.Boy
GearieEnglish - Changeable; A variant of the name GearyBoy
GearoidPerson who is courageous in using the spear.Boy
GearySomeone who is willing to make concessions.Boy
GeatOne who is from GautlandBoy
GeatelaAn expressive and happy individualBoy
GebhardGift of bold or valiant, powerful.Boy
GebmundThe protection of the God of earthBoy
GedThe one who is very gallant as spear.Boy
GedaliahYahweh is outstanding or God is supernatural.Boy
GedalyaGod is perfect and magnificent.Boy
GedeOne of the weapons, sword, mere, puddle.Boy
GedelA good GodBoy
GedeonRefers to a slayer or killer.Boy
GediA bunch of beautiful flowersBoy
GedlaOne who belongs to the place called GedlingUnisex
GeerardtA hard or a bold spearBoy
GeeravanOne of many names of Lord Brahma signifying hims as creator of life(Jeevan)Boy
GeertOne who is having the power over spear.Boy
GeervanOne of many names of Lord Brahma signifying hims as creator of life(Jeevan)Boy
GeetSong; Melody; Divine Song; A Variant of name GitaUnisex
GeetankHoly Book of the Hindus; A name referring to Bhagavad GitaBoy
GeeteshThe Lord of the Geeta; One of many names of Lord Krishna signifying him as creator of GitaBoy
GeethSong; Melody; Divine Song; A Variant of name GitaBoy
GeethachariyanSong; Melody; Divine Song; A Variant of name GitaBoy
GeethamThe founder of Bagavath Geetha, Lord Krishna.Boy
GeethanHe who gains honor through songs.Boy
GeethesGod of Sangeet; Lord of Divine Song; Lord of MelodyBoy
GeethgovIndianThe Lord of the Geeta; One of many names of Lord Krishna signifying him as creator of GitaBoy
GeethikOne who is having very pleasing and wonderful voice talent.Boy
GeetinderRefers to the lyrics or songs written by the emperor.Boy
GeetprakashThe light of a song or rhythmBoy
GeevemFaithful, competitive and a challenging name; heatBoy
GefRefers to one of the sharp weapons, sword.Boy
GeffreyA form of GeoffreyBoy
GeffronOne who is spiritually calm and has great power.Boy
GegnThe one who is against or versusBoy
Gehadthe act of striving or strugglingBoy
GehardThe person who is fluent in spear throw.Boy
GehrigThe spear of the peopleBoy
GeigerThe one who plays violin very well.Boy
GeirPointed weapon used in the battle field.Boy
GelThe yellow colorBoy
GelarRefers to male sibling, brother.Boy
GeldartAn occupational name for the tends of ox an horsesBoy
GeldfrithA tender of peace and safetyBoy
GeldhereThe descendant of a wealthy personBoy
GeldwineThe friend of a wealthy personBoy
GellanIn German it refers to the one who yells. In Yiddish it means the yellow colourBoy
GelleTo yell or yellow colorBoy
GellertHungarian accent of Gerard ( spear hard)Boy
GelshahKing of the earth. It's another variant is GayomardBoy
GemailOne who is efficient and has thoughtful natureBoy
GemariahThe person who is completed or purified by God.Boy
GemiRefers to uncertain or unsure life time.Unisex
GemineLatin - Twin; Third zodiac sign; Two brightest stars in the constellation, Castor and Pollux; Mythological twin sons of Leda.Boy
GeminiMeans two babies who were born together, two babies in single birth, twins.Unisex
GenaroRefers to the first month of the year, January.Boy
GencioOne who loves his family.Boy
GendocA direct, original and excited personBoy
GeneRefers to upper class or high class born.Unisex
GenekPolish accent of gene (upper class birth)Boy
GeneralThe important person, high rankedBoy
GeneroRefers to descriptive of all members of a genus.Boy
GeneshaLord of Hordes; Hindu god of wisdom and good luck; Son of Lord Shiva and ParvatiBoy
GenetRefers to the very first garden Eden which was created by the God Almighty.Unisex
GengarubanOne of the names of Lord Shiva.Boy
GenghisA variant of Chenghiz. It means greatest and wise.Boy
GeniRefers to noble birth.Boy
GeniinewabThe one who is resembling an eagle by his habits or attitudes.Boy
GenillesOne who is having moral and well mannered behaviours.Boy
GenjinReveal True Humanity; A Buddhist name for showing kindnessBoy
GenjoOriginal Silence; A Buddhist name for calmness and serenityBoy
GenkaiSource Ocean; A Buddhist name to signify sea of illusionBoy
GenkakuOriginal Understanding; Original Realization; A Buddhist name for enlightmentBoy
Genkei (元気)The one who deserves honour and integrity.Boy
GenkiMysterious Function; A Buddhist name for superficial actBoy
GenkoOriginal Light; A Buddhist name for actual source of brightnessBoy
GennadiVariant of Gennadiy (noble or generous)Boy
GennadiusThe person who is decent and well wisher.Boy
GennadyOne who cares for others.Boy
GennarinoDiminutive of Gennaro (God Janus)Boy
GennaroOne who belongs to God Janus (God of Romans)Boy
GennoRespond to the Mystery; Esoteric Dharma; A Bhuddist name for GloriousBoy
GenoGod is love.Boy
GenoahOne of the joints in human body, knee.Boy
GenpoOriginal Law; Esoteric Dharma; A Bhuddist name for righteousnessBoy
GenshoOriginal Blessings; A Buddhist name for divine blessingsBoy
GentileOne who is easy going, mild and smooth.Boy
GentryThe one who has high dignity by his birth.Unisex
GeoThe one who created this earth and other planets.Boy
GeofaThe monarch who is peacefully ruling the countryBoy
GeoffA short from of geoffreyBoy
GeofferyThe pleasant and passive monarch or emperor.Boy
GeoffraieThe peaceful monarch of the countryBoy

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