67 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ger

GerThe spear to hunt or killBoy
GeraHebrew - A Grain; Pilgrimage; Combat; Dispute;Boy
GeraintOne of the names of the rulers.Boy
GeraldOne who rules with the spearUnisex
GeraldeThe one who is sitting on the throne with his spear.Boy
GeraldoSpear rulerBoy
GerarRefers to a place of staying, dwelling place, accommodation.Boy
GerardBrave spearmanBoy
GerardusA firm spear that cannot be taken offBoy
GeraudForm of Gerard (spear brave and strong)Boy
GerbagaThe God of spears or God with spearBoy
GerbenReferring the spear which use to hunt bears.Boy
GerbertThe one who is overruling with spear.Boy
GerdtOne who is bold in handling spear.Boy
GereThe person who is governing with the spear.Boy
GerebertOne who rules with a spearBoy
GereintAn old spear holderBoy
GerekVariant of Gerald (ruling by spear)Boy
GerekePerson who leads with the spear.Boy
GeremiaGod is dwelling in high above the heavens.Boy
GerensThe one who is boldly fighting with spear.Boy
GereonRefer to an elderly person, the one who in his last ages.Boy
GergelyHungarian form of Gregory (vigilant).Boy
GerhardGerman, Swedish and Dutch form of Gerard (spear, brave, hardy)Boy
GerhardtOne who carry spear, a brave personBoy
GerhartThe one who is courageous by holding the spear.Boy
GerikGerman - Spear Ruler; Ruler with a Spear; A wealthy Spearman; A variant of GeraldBoy
GeritFrisian variation of Gerhard, meaning strong spearBoy
GerlachOne who is good in spear throw.Boy
GermanA person who hails from Germany, a languageUnisex
GermanoA male with same parents as someone else, brother.Boy
GermanusThe male sibling born to same parents.Boy
GernebernOne who lives in a castleBoy
GerodiRefers to mountain or champion.Boy
GeroldThe person who is escorting with a spear.Boy
GeromeA form of JeromeBoy
GeronThe person who protects.Boy
GeronimoRefers to a holy name, name of a saint.Boy
GerraldOne who rules with the spearBoy
GerranA guard or a guardian of a personBoy
GerrardOne who is mighty with a spearBoy
GerredThe person who leading with spear.Boy
GerrellPerson who holds spear when commanding others.Boy
GerrenGerren is the Cornish equivalent of Geraint. It means old.Boy
GerretOne who has mighty power as spear.Boy
GerritGerman variation of Gerhard (strong spear)Boy
GerrittDerived from Gerald (ruling by spear)Boy
GerrodA form of GarradBoy
GerryIt means similar masculine form of GeraldBoy
GershomRefers to an individual that one is not acquainted with.Boy
GershonThe person who dies not belong to the family of society.Boy
GershwinRelated to music or melody or song.Boy
GersonSon of garBoy
GertGerman and Dutch short type of Gerhard (strongest with the spear)Boy
GertrudWho holds a spear for huntingBoy
GertrudesA mighty person with spearBoy
GervaisRefers to the supremacy of the spear.Boy
GervaisePerson who is working for spear.Unisex
GervaseOne who is decent and upright.Boy
GervasioPerson who is hunting with the spear.Boy
GervasiusThe person who is always working with the spear.Boy
GervasoThe one who is fighting for his people or nation.Boy
GerwazyTeutonic - Warrior; Old French - Spear; A variant form of Gervaise.Boy
GerwynImpartial love neutral love.Boy
GeryName of an ancient Christianity saint.Boy

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