26 Baby Boy Names That Start With Gl

GladwinGladwin means A Happy FriendBoy
GladwinnThe meaning of the name is A Joyful Friend.Boy
GladwynGladwyn is an English name means a Happy FriendBoy
GladwynneThe name Gladwynne means a Friend who is HappyBoy
GlaucioGlaucio is comes from Latin "glaucus" and means Bluish GreyBoy
GleawfrithA confident and self assured individualBoy
GleinGlein means From the ValleyBoy
GleinguidGleinguid means The One who comes from the ValleyBoy
GlenThe meaning of the name Glen is From The ValleyBoy
GlendakayA charismatic and friendly personBoy
GlendenGlenden means From the Dark Glen, From the Dark ValleyBoy
GlendinThe name Glendin means From the Dark ValleyBoy
GlendonGlendon name means From the Dark GlenBoy
GlendynThe name Glendyn means Valley and is a Celtic nameBoy
GlenmoreGlenmore is a place name extremely popular in Jamaica.Boy
GlentonThe name Glenton means The Man from the ValleyBoy
GlenwoodGlenwood is a male name and means Wood in the ValleyBoy
GlibHair of GodBoy
GlisonGilson means the Son of Gil, The Son of Joy or The Son of the One Who Serves the ChristBoy
GliuisGliuis variation of hte name Ludwig, means Famous BattleBoy
GloierA spontaneous and easy going personBoy
GloiuA king's brother; a confident beingBoy
GlorThe name Glor means Glory, Victory.Boy
GloverThe name Glover means A maker od a Seller of Gloves. Mostly used as a surnameBoy
GlyndwrThe neame means Valley Water.Boy
GlywysThe name Glywys means The King from the ValleyBoy

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