25 Baby Boy Names That Start With Gui

GuiGomati are self-centered and dominated persons. They are blunt and preffered to work and live alone.Boy
GuidgenA first century Welsh saint who drove the resistance against the Romans.Boy
GuidloviusGuidlovius means the person who can guide a group or a cummunity.Boy
GuidoGuido means life. The person with this name is full of life and knows how to live this life.Boy
GuilbertGuilbert means a trusted person. Everyone can trust him.Boy
Guilhermedetermined protector. A person who is determind about the security and protection of his family.Boy
GuilioYouthful strong person who is full of life.Boy
GuillameGermanic - Resolute Fighter; French equivalent of William;Boy
GuillaumeA fearless defender who can do anything to protect his beloved.Boy
GuillelmusA fearless defender who can do anything to protect his beloved.Boy
GuillemA fearless defender who can do anything to protect his beloved.Boy
GuillerminThey are cheerful,gorgeous and ideal.They have artistic and musical ability.Boy
GuillermoThey value truth,justice and discipline.They are quick in decision making.Boy
GuinanThey are vesatile,responsible but lazy.They are active and fulfill all their promises.Boy
GuinebasThey have many qualities and artistic.They are very emotional and good listner.Boy
GuinemainsThey are practical,scientific and intelligent.They creat irritability and have strong temper.Boy
GuingualThey have negative influences in their lives.They have lack of positivity and confidence.Boy
GuingualumThey are very creative in art,music and drama.They love independence and freedom.Boy
GuinnGuinn means a person who is reliable for friendship. In simple words or a literal meaning of guinn is "Friend"Boy
GuirdeepLight of the Teacher; Brightness and Luminance of a TeacherBoy
GuirecGuirec means secretive, reliable and passionate person who is trustworthy for everyone.Unisex
GuiscardBrave and hardyBoy
GuiseppeItalian type of JOSEPH.In Biblical the significance of the name Joseph is: Increase; expansion.Boy
Guitainguitain means the person from gaeta. Gaeta is the ancient city of Italy.Boy

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