239 Baby Boy Names That Start With Gur

Gurboil sugar made from made from sugar cane.Boy
Guramarimmortable by the grace of the guru,same as lonlinessBoy
GuramritGuru ka amrit; Immortal nectar of GuruBoy
Guranshtalented,had god gifted mind,rare persons,quit intelligentBoy
GurbachanPromise of the Guru; Promise of the Teacher; Word of the teacherBoy
GurbachanaPromise of the Guru; Promise of the Teacher; Word of the teacherBoy
GurbajA hawk of guru,astrologically aspects.Boy
GurbakhshBlessed with Guru's Grace; Gift of GuruBoy
Gurbakhshisindependent, astronomous or self taught and obligation.Boy
GurbakshBlessed with Guru's Grace; Gift of GuruBoy
Gurbaksheeshknowledge, curiosity, born as an investigator,talented on history,writing etc.Boy
GurbaldevHad strength in their life and successful by guru.Boy
Gurbaliharsacrifice life,talented,unto guru,physically successful.Boy
GurbansOne Born from Guru; A blessing of GuruBoy
Gurbarbig chubby like kids,body resist like mother,making fun.Boy
Gurbhaagblessed of guru,the cooperative in religion.Boy
Gurbhagathad different merits,devotee of guru.Boy
Gurbhajansong of the religion,the special songs of guru of the one religion.Boy
Gurbhavanthe houses of the religious guru,An special house,Cave.Boy
GurbinderThe planet Saturn.The lord of Hinduism religion.Boy
Gurbodhintelligent,Having knowledge of guru's word.Boy
GurbuxBlessed with Guru's Grace; Gift of Guru; A variant of GurbakshBoy
Gurcanoown experiences,strong,urge of independent. stability to live high.Boy
Gurcantcreative,ability, imagination, practical lines.Boy
Gurcantiemotional and somewhat boisterous.working on intelligence.Boy
GurceneuQuiet,Had Technical Nature,Clever,have inventive mind.Boy
GurceniuSystematicluly intelligent,has clever mind.Boy
Gurcenouexpression,expressive,diplomatic refined nature.Boy
Gurchaananshelter in guru's feet,Feet of the guru.Boy
GurchandanThe perfumic smell,The religious leader franance the guru.Boy
GurchandipPromise of the Guru; Promise of the Teacher; Word of the teacherBoy
GurcharanRefuge at the Guru; Feet of the Guru; One who serves at the Guru's FeetBoy
Gurcharanjotlight of the feet of guru,the Hinduism leader feet.Boy
GurcharanpalPreserver of Guru's Feet; One who serves at the Guru's FeetBoy
GurchetOne who remains aware of Guru's Word; One who follows the principles of teachings of Guru;Unisex
Gurchetanidealistic nature,desire of peace and Harmony causes.Boy
Gurcimanugraceful,respectful in nature,unsophisticated.Boy
Gurcinniflaxuary Italian fashion brand good or doing fine.Boy
GurdaatThe Sikh religious leader's gift,the gift of guru to his peopleBoy
GurdalHousehold members, place to place,name of a person.Boy
GurdanakhanThe fruit of summer,Mangoes.Boy
Gurdarshanthe vision of the religious leader,The guru.Boy
GurdasOne who is at the service of the Guru; Servant of the GuruBoy
GurdaveGod in form of Guru; Divinity of the Spiritual Guide; A variant of GurDevBoy
GurdayaOne Blessed with the Guru's Grace; One who receives affection, compassion and kindness of spiritual teacherBoy
GurdayalCompassionate Guru; Kind and affectionate Teacher; A spiritual leader who is filled with compassionBoy
GurdeepLight of the Teacher; Brightness and Radiance of GuruUnisex
GurdeepaLight of the Teacher; Brightness and Luminance of a TeacherBoy
Gurdeeshlamp of the leader of punjabi's,Guru.Boy
GurdevAlmighty God; God in form of Guru; Divinity of the Spiritual GuideBoy

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