40 Baby Boy Names That Start With Gy

GyaTo be a part of the familyBoy
GyaanKnowledge, information, awarenessBoy
GyaandeepA lamp of celestial information or knowledgeBoy
GyalaDowny, youthful, young at heartBoy
GyanKnowledge; Wisdom; Perception; IntelligenceBoy
GyanamurthyEnlightened Person; One Having Exalted Divine Knowledge; Knowledgeable;Boy
GyanandEcstasy and Happiness from Knowledge and WisdomBoy
GyanavFull of Knowledge, Wisdom and IntelligenceBoy
GyanchandExcellent and Bright with Knowledge and Wisdom; IntelligentBoy
GyandeepLamp of Divine Knowledge; Brightness from Knowledge and WisdomBoy
GyandevLord of Knowledge; God of Wisdom and IntellectBoy
GyandevaThe knowledge of a king; lordBoy
GyanenderA king of information or knowledgeBoy
GyanendraKnowledgeable; Wise and Intellectual PersonBoy
GyaneshThe God of Knowledge and Wisdom; One of many names of Lord GaneshBoy
GyaneshwarLord or king of information and knowledge.Boy
GyaniGenius; Brilliant; Intelligent; Wise; KnowledgeableBoy
GyanishVery Intelligent; Genius; Brilliant; Wise and KnowledgeableBoy
GyanjeetVictory of knowledge, success of knowledgeBoy
GyanjotA flame of information or knowledgeBoy
GyanpreetLover of divine or celestial knowledgeBoy
GyanpremLover of information or knowledgeBoy
GyanroopA divine light, a divine personification.Boy
GyansinghKnowledge; One Having Exalted Divine Knowledge; Wise and IntellectualBoy
GyanveerBrave in Knowledge, divine in knowledge.Boy
GybonOne who is a notable hostageBoy
GycsaA very old Anglo-Saxon male nameBoy
GydelAn old Anglo-Saxon male name nowdays mostly used in SwedenBoy
GyeForest, wide woodBoy
GylesA young goatBoy
GylyGoat skin, a young goatBoy
GymiA monothematic Anglo-Saxon name for those born with a low-statusBoy
GymmaA low-born ANglo-Saxon nameBoy
GynanandMan of knowledge, knowledgeable manBoy
GynniFrom the John tribeBoy
GyppaAn old Anglo-Saxon name for a low-born manBoy
GyricA name for those with a lower statusBoy
GyrthTo gird with a swordBoy
GyslaFiber, thread, artery, nerve, vein.Boy
GyulaHungarian royal titleBoy

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