2389 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter H

Baby Boy Names Starts With H

Eight is the personality, destiny, and soul number of the letter H. These people are extremely determined, confident, and passionate about every challenge they take. This persistence and patience ensure them higher success in life.

They are incredibly adventurous and are always on the go. If you choose this letter for your son, it will bring with itself a strong inner drive, which will help him gain stamina, self-control, and endurance. This will help him tremendously in achieving his goals.

Boys with H in their initial are also self-contained, successful, and natural money-makers. They have business acumen and the ability to create, maintain, and even establish wealth for themselves. But you must teach your child to temper this with integrity and humility.

Like every other letter, even H has a negative aspect, and that is being honest to the point of being blunt. They face difficulty expressing their emotions, which makes it difficult for them to find a life partner. They are even very controlling and prefer ruling rather than being ruled. This doesn’t mean people with this initial are heartless. They are incapable of feeling good if their loved ones are suffering.

Below MomJunction has got hundreds of options for baby boy names starting with the letter H, such as Hamza, Henry, and Harry. Take a look!

HaqqiA person who supports,hold the truthBoy
HaqqullahRight of the God, Religious Duties, PrayerBoy
HarOne who is highBoy
HaraPrincess (Hebrew), Seizer (Sanskrit)Unisex
HaraamProhibited, forbidden, bannedBoy
HarabatThe day of FridayBoy
HaracFrom the antique Oak TreeBoy
HaracudamaniCrest Gem of of Lord Shiva;Boy
HaradeepGlow of Lord Shiva; Light of Lord Shiva; Brightness and Radiance of Lord ShivaBoy
HaradevaRules over Lord Shiva; A power over Lord ShivaBoy
HaradhaarLord's Support; Friend or Companion of the Lord;Boy
HaradikaKing of Love; Soul of LoveBoy
HarafordFrom the hare's fordBoy
HaragopalLord Shiva and KrishnaBoy
HaraharaAn ornament adoring the neck of Lord Shiva; Siva's NecklaceBoy
HarailtGermanic - Army; Warrior; To Rule; Leader; A variant of HaraldBoy
HarakaOne who Takes Away; He will be good to all; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
HaraksaHindu religion Lord ShivaBoy
HaralambRomanian form of Charalampos, meaning to shine from happiness.Boy
HaralambiBulgarian form of Charalampos. It means to shine with happiness.Boy
HaraldWar chiefBoy
HaraldsThe war commander's sonBoy
HaraldurLeader of an army.Boy
HaraldusArmy rulerBoy
HâralteGreenlandic form of Harald, meaning army leader.Boy
HaramalaAn ornament adoring the neck of Lord Shiva; Siva's Necklace; A Garland of Lord ShivaBoy
HaranMountain, HillBoy
HaranadhHindu religion Lord VishnuBoy
HaranandBlissful through Lord's Love; One whose happiness is through God's LoveBoy
HaranathSimilar to Hari God, A Telugu ActorBoy
HaraprasadGift of Lord ShivaBoy
HararFree; Of Noble Birth; IndependentBoy
HararupaWith the form of Lord Shiva; One who has the appearance like Lord ShivaBoy
HarasunuSon of Lord Shiva; Offspring of Lord ShivaBoy
HarataFree manUnisex
HaravaPainful to Lord Shiva; Agonizing to Lord ShivaBoy
HaraviraA Warrior of God; A Defender of Lord Shiva; A protecting warrior of Lord ShivaBoy
HarayeGod Man, Devotee of GodBoy
HarazMake fun, comedy, Funny sideBoy
HarbWar, BattleBoy
HarbajanGods Prayer; Bhajan or Prayer of Lord ShivaBoy
HarbakhshGifted through God's Grace; A blessing of God; A symbol of Lord Shiva's kindnessBoy
HarbansOne who is related to the family of Hari; One who is belonging to family of GodBoy
HarbansaIn relation of the family of Hindu Lord HariBoy
HarbantOne who is related to the family of Hari; One who is belonging to family of GodBoy
HarbeerWarrior of the GodBoy
HarbelA town name in Margibi County, LiberiaBoy
HarbertBright Army, Derived from hari & BerahtBoy
HarbhaagBlessed with Fortune of God; One who is gifted with good luck of GodBoy
HarbhagatDevotee of God; Follower of God; Disciple of GodBoy

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