2389 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter H

Baby Boy Names Starts With H

Eight is the personality, destiny, and soul number of the letter H. These people are extremely determined, confident, and passionate about every challenge they take. This persistence and patience ensure them higher success in life.

They are incredibly adventurous and are always on the go. If you choose this letter for your son, it will bring with itself a strong inner drive, which will help him gain stamina, self-control, and endurance. This will help him tremendously in achieving his goals.

Boys with H in their initial are also self-contained, successful, and natural money-makers. They have business acumen and the ability to create, maintain, and even establish wealth for themselves. But you must teach your child to temper this with integrity and humility.

Like every other letter, even H has a negative aspect, and that is being honest to the point of being blunt. They face difficulty expressing their emotions, which makes it difficult for them to find a life partner. They are even very controlling and prefer ruling rather than being ruled. This doesn’t mean people with this initial are heartless. They are incapable of feeling good if their loved ones are suffering.

Below MomJunction has got hundreds of options for baby boy names starting with the letter H, such as Hamza, Henry, and Harry. Take a look!

HainrichRuler of a place, Home RulerBoy
HaisamStrong ManBoy
HaisiyatCapacity; Ability; StatusBoy
HaissamA sharp sword.Boy
HaitatCaution; CareBoy
Haithamyoung eagleBoy
HaithemYoung HawkBoy
Haithumfamily name, variation of HaithamBoy
HaiuoenWelsh Boy namesBoy
HaizamBold; Daring; FearlessBoy
HajPilgrim to Mecca;Boy
HajarDerived from Hajara means abandoned, FlightBoy
HajariUesd in Africa,The one who takes flightBoy
HajeshThe Hindu Lord ShivaBoy
HajiPilgrimage, One who has Performed the HajjBoy
HajijPilgrim; one who has completed the Hajj to MeccaBoy
HajiriyHandsome; Beautiful; Good LookingBoy
HajiyahPilgrim; one who has completed the Hajj to MeccaBoy
HajizCurtain, PartitionBoy
HajjPilgrimage to the Holy City of MakkahUnisex
HajjajEye socket, Orbit,Orgument, debate, A rular of IraqBoy
HajjiVariation of Haji, Persons completed the Hajj to MeccaUnisex
Hajovariation of HagenBoy
HajveriAbul Hassan Ali Hajvari, Daata Ganj BakhshBoy
Hak-Kun (학쿤)One with literate roots.Boy
Hakaku (はくく)White CraneBoy
Hakamone of the names of Islamic God, The ArbitratorBoy
HakamatScholarship, Knowledgeable, WisdomBoy
HakambirBrave Ruler; Courageous and Fearless leaderBoy
HakamjeetVictory of the Ruler; Successful Ruler; Emperor who Win alwaysBoy
HakampreetLove for Authority; One who considers his authority dearBoy
HakanEmperor, ruler, Fire (USA), High-born(Scandinavian)Boy
HakeemWise, Intelligent, wisdomBoy
HakemRuler; GovernorBoy
HakesaKing of Sound; One whose voice is very powerfulBoy
HakeshLord of the SoundBoy
HakhamanishOne with a friendly mind and the name of the fifth ancestor of Darius the Great.Boy
HakiJustice; Claim; Right; Privilege; Name of a SlaveBoy
HakikatReality; Facts; Certainity; TruthBoy
HakimOne of God's Ninety-nine NamesBoy
HakoHighest number in the raceBoy
HakobSupplanter; Armenian variant form of Hebrew name JacobBoy
HakonEldest Son in the kinBoy
Haku (はく)White, Older brother (Japanese) lord, overseer in HawaiBoy
HakuePure Blessing (Buddhist)Boy
HalGermanic - Home or House Ruler; A nickname for Henry rules his householdBoy
HalabHopefully fit (Indonesian), largest city in SyriaBoy
HalabhrtCarrying a Plough; One of many names of Krishna's Brother BalaramBoy

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