2389 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter H

Baby Boy Names Starts With H

Eight is the personality, destiny, and soul number of the letter H. These people are extremely determined, confident, and passionate about every challenge they take. This persistence and patience ensure them higher success in life.

They are incredibly adventurous and are always on the go. If you choose this letter for your son, it will bring with itself a strong inner drive, which will help him gain stamina, self-control, and endurance. This will help him tremendously in achieving his goals.

Boys with H in their initial are also self-contained, successful, and natural money-makers. They have business acumen and the ability to create, maintain, and even establish wealth for themselves. But you must teach your child to temper this with integrity and humility.

Like every other letter, even H has a negative aspect, and that is being honest to the point of being blunt. They face difficulty expressing their emotions, which makes it difficult for them to find a life partner. They are even very controlling and prefer ruling rather than being ruled. This doesn’t mean people with this initial are heartless. They are incapable of feeling good if their loved ones are suffering.

Below MomJunction has got hundreds of options for baby boy names starting with the letter H, such as Hamza, Henry, and Harry. Take a look!

HalstedFrom the Manor GroundsBoy
HalstenEnglish - Settlement in nook; Estate on the hill; A variant of name HalstonBoy
HalstonEnglish - Settlement by the water; Estate on the hill; A variant of name HaltonBoy
HalsyFrom Hal's isleBoy
HaltonFrom the Hill-slope EstateBoy
HaluinAn English male name with lost meaningBoy
HalvardRock Defender; Guardian of the RockBoy
Halvorprotector of the Rock; Rock wardenBoy
HalwardCustodian of the HallBoy
HalwellSaintly wellBoy
HamHome, Heads, Chief, Warm or HotBoy
Ham razA friend who knows every activity of yours, Close friendUnisex
HamaVerily; Truly; Shower; RainBoy
HamadTo Praise any oneBoy
HamadiOne who is PraisedBoy
HamadullahThe Thanks Of Allah SwtBoy
HamailThings SuspendedBoy
HamamPeaceful nature, Brave, Leader of the nation, DoveBoy
Hamanmagnificent, Memorable, Noise, tumultBoy
Hamascourage, zeal, bravery and strengthBoy
HamasatEnthusiasm, ZealBoy
HamazanWalking on the ground and making FootmarksBoy
HamazatStrength, power, vigorBoy
HamblinCommitted to welfare of the homeBoy
HamblyHome within an enclosed spaceBoy
HamdPraising, Commendation of GodBoy
HamdanThe Praised OneBoy
HamdardSympathetic; Friend; Companion; One who Shares Sorrow; MercifulBoy
HamdevLord of GoldBoy
HamdhanPraising, AdmiringBoy
HamdhySympathy, kindness, BlessingBoy
HamdiCommendable, Of PraiseBoy
HamdijaThe praised one.Boy
HamdoonWhich have been praised, An Islamic scholarBoy
HamdremAdmired, PraiseworthyBoy
HamdunHonored, PraisedBoy
HamedPraiseworthy, praiser (of the God)Boy
HameedFriend, Praising GodBoy
HameedullahServant of the All-laudableBoy
HameemFriend; Derived from word Hami which means protector, patron, supporterBoy
HameenIntimate Friend, closed friendBoy
HameerVery Rich KingBoy
HameesOne who is brave, courageous and bold.Boy
HamelHome-lover's Estate, Hill with GrassBoy
HamelaPersons name in UK and USABoy
HamelinLover of HomeBoy
HamellVariation of HammilBoy
HamelstunFrom the Grassy EstateBoy

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