90 Baby Boy Names That Start With Han

HanGift from God (GER), Jehovah's giftBoy
HanafiTrue believer, One important sect of IslamUnisex
HananCompassion, sympathy, loveBoy
HanananGenerous, CharitableBoy
HanashAn Islamic hadith was narrated by himBoy
HanbalPurity, Pristine, perfectBoy
HancarateA thoughtful counseltorBoy
HandleaElevated fieldBoy
HandleighFrom the High MeadowUnisex
HandleyClearing in the woodsUnisex
HandyEnglish - Skillful with one's hands;Boy
HanecaAn old English surnameBoy
HaneefTrue Believer, OrthodoxBoy
HaneeshAmbition; One who is determined; One of many names of Lord Hanuman; One of many names of Lord Shiva;Boy
Haneul (하늘)HeavenlyBoy
HanfordFrom the high fordBoy
HaniHappy, joyful. BlissfulBoy
HaniOne with a delightful behavior.Boy
HanifTrue, Devoted, GoodBoy
HanifuddinTrue follower of religion IslamBoy
HaniniA heavy flow or stream, To pour down like rainBoy
HanishHindu God of WeatherBoy
HankRules an estate, Home rulerBoy
HanleaFrom the Elevated field,Boy
HanleeFrom the High MeadowBoy
Hanleighan alternate spelling of high meadowBoy
HanleyPlace name From the high meadowBoy
HanlonIrish meaning is SirnameBoy
HanlyFrom the High grazing landBoy
HannGift from GodBoy
HannaanBeautiful, CompassionateBoy
HannadAn old name of ArabsBoy
Hannanwarm feelings, pleasant sensations, Feeling happyUnisex
HannerGerman - From a pet form of Hann; A short form of JohannBoy
HannesGod is Gracious; loving and quick mindedBoy
HannibalGrace, beauty, lovelinessBoy
HannielFavored of God. "Graciousness of God".Boy
HannoGod is Merciful, God is kindBoy
HannuHebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name JohnBoy
HannusGod is generous, God is graciousUnisex
Hanochdevoted, faithful, initiatedBoy
HansHebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name JohnBoy
HansaSwan; A variant spelling is HansaaUnisex
HansarajThe swan king, Swan of kingBoy
HansarajaLord of Swans; King of Swans;Boy
HanschenGod is greatBoy
HãnseGreenlandic form of Hans, meaning God is gracious.Boy

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