431 Baby Boy Names That Start With He

HeA harmonu and peace th eriver bringsUnisex
HeabbaAn Anglo-Saxonian bynameBoy
HeaddA chief whose counsel was sought in the matters of lawBoy
HeaddaRefuge in war or in any struggleBoy
HeadleyLucky, Successful, SmartBoy
HeadlyClearing of heatherBoy
Heahfrithresponsible, stable, Serious-mindedBoy
Heahhbeorhtstrife and warBoy
Heahmundeasy-going, friendly natureBoy
Heahredsensitive, friendly, and practical natureBoy
HeahstanQuiet, systematic, inventive mindBoy
HeahweardChief guardianBoy
HealfdeneHalf DaneBoy
HealhtunFrom the hill slope estateBoy
HealingTo restore to healthUnisex
HeallNook retreatBoy
HealleahFrom the manor house meadowBoy
HeallstedeFrom the mansion houseBoy
HealumLives at the Hall's SlopesBoy
HeamonSon of CreonBoy
Heanfordfrom the high fordBoy
HeanleahFrom the lofty meadowBoy
HeardBrave, HardyBoy
HeardaGreat lover of natureBoy
HeardbehrtBright and gloriousBoy
Heardincstrong senseBoy
Heardindfrom the hares valleyBoy
HeardredUnconditional love, Gift, Goodness, TruthBoy
HeardwineBrave FriendBoy
HeardwulfStrong wolf, braveBoy
HearnHorse lord, from the cornerBoy
HearneHorse LordBoy
HearstA variant spelling of Hurst; A topographic name for someone who lived on a wooded hillBoy
HeartleyFrom the stag's meadow. Stag wood or meadow; A variant of HartleyBoy
HeathUnatended land where flowering shrubs growBoy
HeathcliffFrom the heath cliffBoy
HeathclyfFrom the secure cliffBoy
HeathdeneFrom the heathBoy
HeatheFrom the flowering shrubsBoy
HeatherFrom the flowering bushesBoy
HeathleahFrom the heath covered meadowBoy
HeathleyFrom the secure covered fieldBoy
Heatonenclosure, settlementBoy
HeavenA paradise, a promised landUnisex
HebbiFrom the Heather Covered Meadow, From Heathers FieldBoy
HeberHebrew - Enclave, Ally, Fellowship; A derivative of the Irish EberBoy
HebertGlorious soldierBoy
HebrewaldOne who is a ruler of the srmiesBoy
HebrewardArmy ProtectorBoy
HebrewealdArmy ruleBoy
HebronSociety, friendshipBoy
HeddinA monothematic Anglo-Saxon name for those born with a low-statusBoy
HeddwynWelsh - Peaceful; Fair PeaceBoy
Hedleyheather clearanceBoy
HedlyField of heatherUnisex
HedrekThe name is derived from the Celtic word hedr, which means bold.Boy
HedwigFighter or warriorBoy
HeemaGold; Shining, Bright and Glittering like GoldBoy
HeemakarA name with lost meaning of Hindi originBoy
HeemalRelated to IceBoy
HeeradAppearing fresh and healthyBoy
HeeramA Biblical nameBoy
HeeramanGolden MoonBoy
HeeranLord of the DiamondsBoy
HeerchandDiamond like a moon; Bright and Glittering like MoonBoy
HeerchandraDiamond like a moon; Bright and Glittering like MoonBoy
HeetrajBest wishingBoy
HefaThe delicate waistBoy
HeferthOne of the names given to high-born, noble BoysBoy
HegaFrom Heathers pastureBoy
Hegelinaa person who accepts the leadership of anotherBoy
HegelochosThe one who always walks ahead.Boy
HehuGod rescuesBoy
HeibertBattle, Bright, Famous, and StrifeBoy
HeidrunA goat who supplies mead to the GodsBoy
Heilynwine bearer, wine carrier, wine tranporterBoy
HeimericusOne who is a pat of the tribeBoy
HeimoA finnish word for tribeBoy
Heinehome boss, Home leaderBoy
HeiniActive, agile, suppleUnisex
Heinoruler of the estateBoy
HeinrichRuler of the HomeBoy
HeinrickHome rulerBoy
HeinzHousehold RulerBoy
HeitorOld Greek - Posessor; Portuguese form of HectorBoy
HeiuRespectful, honourableBoy
HeketoroFairy spritBoy
HekimaKnowledgeable, cleverBoy
HekshithMade up of gold or diamond.Boy
Hektorwarrior of TroyBoy

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