77 Baby Boy Names That Start With Hem

HemGold; Lord BuddhaBoy
HemaDew DropUnisex
HemaadriMountain of Gold; Full of goodness; Wealthy and ProsperousBoy
HemabalaPower of Gold; The Pearl; Strength of GoldBoy
HemacandraMoon of Gold; Bright and Radiant Gold like MoonBoy
HemachandaranGolden Moon; Bright and Radiant Gold like MoonBoy
HemachanderGolden MoonBoy
HemachandraGolden Moon; Bright and Radiant Gold like MoonBoy
HemagiriThe Himalaya MountainsBoy
HemaguhaGolden Cave; Abode of Gold; Cave of GoldBoy
HemahavA name given to Hindi BoysBoy
HemaiA golden BoyBoy
HemakamalaGolden Moon; Bright and Radiant Gold like MoonBoy
HemakandalaMountain of Gold; Full of goodness; Wealthy and ProsperousBoy
HemakeshLord shivaBoy
HemakeshaOne of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
HemakutaOne who comes from HemakutaBoy
HemamaliWearing a Golden Garland; One who is rich and prosperousBoy
Hemamdargolden creeperBoy
HemanGolden YellowBoy
HemanandA Hindi Boy name with no specific meaningBoy
HemanathGod of Gold; Lord of Gold; One of many names of Lord BuddhaBoy
HemangOne with Shining BodyBoy
HemangadA baby Boy name of no specific meaningBoy
HemankaA Boy name with lost meaningBoy
HemanshuThe MoonBoy
HemantAn early winter that is the most beautiful season of the entire yearBoy
HemantaEarly Winter; Season of ColdBoy
HemantanathaOne with Shining Body; Bright, Glorious and Radiant personalityBoy
HemanthRitu; SeasonBoy
HemanthsreeGold and MoneyBoy
HemanyaGold Bodied; Bright, Glorious and Radiant personalityBoy
HemaprakashGolden Light; Bright, Luminant and Radiant LightBoy
HemaprasadKing of GoldBoy
HemarajEmperor of GoldBoy
HemarajaGolden King; ; Bright, Glorious and Magnificient RulerBoy
HemataraHindu Lord ShivaBoy
HemavarnaKing of Gold; Golden Complexioned; Magnificient LookingBoy
HemavatinandanName of son of Goddess ParvathiBoy
HemayuOne with a Long LifeBoy
HemchanderGolden MoonBoy
HemchandraGolden Shine MoonBoy
HemdevLord of wealth, Lord of ProsperityBoy
HemedaEgyptian nameBoy
HemedeEgyptia, and French nameBoy
HemeleFaithful, TruthfulBoy
HemenThe king of GoldBoy
HemendraLord of GoldBoy
HemenduGolden MoonBoy
HeminCalm, Peaceful, quiteBoy
HeminderLord of Gold; God of Gold;Boy
HemishaHappiness, GoodBoy
HemisonA river name in Quebec, CanadaBoy
HemkantGlow of FlowersBoy
HemkarLord of Prosperity (Hinduism)Boy
HemkrishGolden KrishnaBoy
HemlalOne of the names of BuddhaBoy
HemlockThe poison Socrates took to commit suicide.Boy
HemmaHomeland, HomeBoy
HemmiPearln; will desire HelmetUnisex
HemnandanFull of life energy and creativityBoy
HemnathLord Buddah, GoldBoy
HempushpLord of GoldBoy
HemraajKing of goldBoy
HemradjLord of the earthBoy
HemrajJoy, kind of wealthBoy
HemshailGenerous and responsibleBoy
HemshilCreative MindBoy
HemuGold; Also has an Arabic meaning as drop of nectarBoy
HemvatLogical mind, CleverBoy
HemwantFull of God's Grace; God's Blessing; God's BenevolenceBoy

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