53 Baby Boy Names That Start With Hir

HiradAppearing fresh and healthyBoy
HirajDust of DiamondBoy
HirajitOne who is a victorBoy
HirakDiamond; Festival of SwaminarayanBoy
HirakenduMoon Made of DiamondBoy
HiralalThe persone with lots of wealthBoy
HiraldoPowerful man in the armyBoy
HiramHiram of Tyre is mentioned in the Bible as an ally to King Solomon and assisted in the building of the templeBoy
HirangaHard as a Diamond; A derivative from name HirakaBoy
HiranjanThe one who delights his parents.Boy
HiranmayaMade of GoldBoy
HiranshA part of diamond.Boy
HiranyadhanuName of father of EklavyaBoy
HiranyagarbhaBorn from a Golden Egg; One of many names of Lord Brahma as the Manifest; The all powerful creatorBoy
HiranyakName of a MaharishiBoy
HiranyakashipuClothed in Gold; One who is fond of wealth and sex life; A name of an Asura in Puranic ScriptureBoy
HiranyakshaBrother of Hiranyakashipu; One who was slained by Varaha, one of the Avatars of VishnuBoy
HiraoAffection or emotionBoy
HiraramaA Hindi name for both sexesUnisex
HirasOne who is like a diamondUnisex
HiravGreenery; The Lush Greenery on the Surface of the EarthBoy
HirdeypalHeart Fosterer; Friend; Well WisherBoy
HirelOne who comes from the heathers fieldBoy
HirenLord Genius; Lord of the DiamondsBoy
HirenderLord's Diamonds; Diamonds of GodBoy
HirendraLord of the DiamondsBoy
HiresaRuler of Diamonds; Emperor; KingBoy
HireshKing of GemsBoy
HirishGod ShivaBoy
HiroakiSpreading brightness; Radiance and GloriousnessBoy
HirocA very common noble nameBoy
HirohitoPlentiful benevolence or goodwill; Abundant BenevolenceBoy
HirokaLord Genius; Intellectual; BrilliantBoy
HirokiLarge sparkle; Abundant Joy and StrengthBoy
HiromichiBroad street; Wilde StreetBoy
HiromitsuLarge light; Extensive RadianceBoy
HironmoeA Boy's Bengali nameBoy
HironoriBenevolent ruler; Tolerant RulerBoy
HiroshiGenerous; Benevolent; TolerantBoy
Hiroto (ヒロト)Fly far; Big FlightBoy
HiroyukiA lot of happiness; Broad HappinessBoy
HirschDeer, Hart; A deer; A variant of HerschBoy
HirshDeer, Hart; A deer; A variant of HerschBoy
Hirsigood luck charmBoy
HirstFrom the Thicket of TreesBoy
HiruHard as a Diamond; A derivative from name HirakaBoy
HiryurA dragon who flies; A versatile and spontaneous individualBoy
HirzAnother Name for God; Place of Refuge; Amulet; CharmBoy

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