164 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ho

HoaiAlways, Eternal; ImmortalBoy
HoangA mythical Bird; PheonixBoy
HobA Diminutive of Robert or Robin; The Word Hobgoblin is Derived from This NameBoy
HobardBright; High; Shining IntellectBoy
HobartIntelligent; Bright spirit; High; InspirationBoy
HobbardHigh; BrightBoy
HobbsSon of RobertBoy
HobenOne who is youthful and vigorousBoy
HobertIntelligent; Bright spirit; High; InspirationBoy
HobsonRobert's sonBoy
HocTo StudyBoy
HodPraise; Confession; Member of Tribe of Asher; SplendorBoy
HodardA man full of honorBoy
HoderName of Odin's blind son.Boy
HodgeGermanic - Famous warrior; Famous spear; A variant of RoggerBoy
HodgesGermanic - Famous warrior; Famous spear; A variant of RoggerBoy
HodgsonSon of RogerBoy
HodoDharma WayBoy
Hoelfather of isoldeBoy
HoenirName of Odin's brother.Boy
HofaAn American union leader and AutherBoy
HoganIrish Gaelic - Youthful One; A variant is HaganBoy
HogarthA variant of Hoggard; Lamb EnclosureBoy
HoggA Scottish surnameBoy
HohberhtHigh; BrightBoy
HohepaHe will enlargeBoy
HohpeA variation of the name hope, mening to give hope to peopleBoy
HolbrookA person who dwells near a brookBoy
HolbrookeFrom the Stream Near the HollowBoy
HolcombFrom the Deep ValleyBoy
HolcombeA Surname in old BritishBoy
HoldenFrom a surname which started out as a place name meaning deep valley.Boy
HoldinFrom the Hollow ValleyBoy
HoldynFrom the unoccupied ValleyBoy
HolecombFrom the very deep ValleyBoy
HolecombeA name for a deep hollow valley; energeticBoy
Holgatea township in the suburbs of YorkBoy
HolgerScandinavian name derived from Old Norse name, the prefix holmr meaning "island", and the suffix geirr meaning "spear".Boy
HolicSlovak word for barber.Boy
HollaceNear the HollyUnisex
HollamanIt's a fairly old and uncommon name.A variant of HollimanBoy
HollisLives by the Holly TreeBoy
HollyPlant With Red BerriesUnisex
HolmanMan from the ValleyBoy
HolmesFrom an islandBoy
HolmsteinThe one who supported Flosi.Boy
HolokaiA seafaring personBoy
Holta den or an area of woodlandBoy
HoltiHe who comes from the small forestBoy
HolwellLives by the Holy SpringBoy
HomairA reddish manBoy
HomakalaWell Wisher; Good Person; FaithUnisex
HomarGiven as Hostage; PromisedBoy
HomashalaLord of Goodness; Kind, Compassionate and Benevolent GoddessUnisex
HomayoonRoyal; FortunateBoy
HomayounRoyal; Fortunate; A variant of Homayun, Homayoon, or HomayonBoy
HomeiraA red manBoy
HomerVariants of Homer include: Omer, Omero, Omar and Omaro.Boy
HomeroOld Greek - Hostage; A variant of HomerBoy
HomeshPreserver of the World; Guardian and ProtectorBoy
HomiyaAngel; Kind Spirit; GuardianBoy
HomobonoGood ManBoy
HondscioA man of low ranksBoy
HoneySweet LiquidBoy
HonharExcellent; Brilliant; Intelligent; Smart; CleverBoy
HonnaHebrew - God was gracious; God has shown favor; A variant of AnnaBoy
HonneshA wealthy man; Rich; ProsperousBoy
HonorLatin - Honored; HonorableBoy
HonoriusLatin - Honored; HonorableBoy
HonzaGod is graciousBoy
HoodThe Biblical Hud is the English Language Equivalent; A Prophet's NameBoy
HoomanGood Nature; Having a Good Soul; A Character in ShahnamehBoy
Hoon (훈)TeachingBoy
HooperOne who makes hoops for barrelsBoy
HooverGermanic - Large farmBoy
HoowannekaNative American - Little elkUnisex
HopetonTown of HopeBoy
HopkinA form of Hob, meaning bright or fame.Boy
HopkinsA surname, means a famous manBoy
Hopkinsonson of HobBoy
HoppeA German nickname for the one who hopsBoy
HopperSon of Hob; Jumper; A variation of the name HopkinsBoy
HopsonThe son of the man who hopsBoy
HoraceOf Latin origin, meaning "Hour in Time"; A variant of HorazBoy
HoratioA variant of Horaz; Hour in TimeBoy
HoratiuRomanian form of Horatius, meaning hour, time or season.Boy
HoratiusA Hero who Saved Rome; Timekeeper, Etruscan originBoy
HordName of Ashjom's father.Boy
HoreaA type of circle dance.Boy
HoriA Prince; Freeborn, MoatBoy

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