165 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ho

HoriA Prince; Freeborn, MoatBoy
HorikA male Anglo-Saxon nameBoy
HorilalA FestivalBoy
HormazWealthy Person; Rich and ProsperousBoy
HormozA Character in ShahnamehBoy
HormuzdName of a Persian king.Boy
HornOne who blows the horn during the battleBoy
HorsaHe who arrived to the land on the horseBoy
HorstHorst is Man From The WoodsBoy
HortenFrom the Gray SettlementBoy
HortonSurname created from an Old English place-name usually meaning "muddy farmstead".Boy
HorusGod of LightBoy
HosaNative American - Young Crow; Little Raven; A variant of HosahBoy
Hosaam swordDeen, Sword of GodBoy
HosaamudDeen, Sword of GodBoy
HosangTo Be One's Own Self; Self sufficient; ContentBoy
HoseaHosea means "salvation." Hosea was a prophet in the Old Testament.Boy
HoshedarA name of the one who will be a savior in the futureBoy
HoshiarIntelligent; Efficient; Clever; Brilliant; SmartBoy
HoshoVoice of the DharmaBoy
HosieHebrew - Salvation; Yahweh is salvation; A variant of the name HoseaBoy
HoskuldName of Thorstein's son.Boy
HosmundusWise personBoy
HosmuntClever PersonBoy
HosniGood lookingBoy
HossainVarient of HussianBoy
Hossamsword that divides justice and injusticeBoy
HosseinHandsome and beautifulBoy
HosteenNative American - A title of respect for males;Boy
HotA feeling of warmthUnisex
HotaamaNative American - Gray , Brown; A variant is HotaBoy
HotahNative American - Gray , Brown; A variant is HotaBoy
HothaA man who is greyBoy
HotriOne who sacrifices; One who knows the Yajurveda; A priest who at sacrifice recites the hymns of the RigvedaBoy
HotriyaHeart Throb; Beloved; Dearmost; Dear to HeartBoy
HouOne who is a lord, a noblemanBoy
HoudA Prophet's Name; The Biblical Hud is the English Language EquivalentBoy
HouelOne who is killed by King ArthurBoy
HoueltOne who seeks nature, restless and friendlyBoy
HoughtonFrom the Settlement on the HeadlandBoy
HouilOne who comes from the heather meadowBoy
HoulegateHollow pathBoy
HoumanGood Nature; Having a Good Soul; Benevolent; A variant of HoomanBoy
HousniOne full of goodness and exellenceUnisex

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