23 Baby Boy Names That Start With Hor

HoraceOf Latin origin, meaning "Hour in Time"; A variant of HorazBoy
HoratioA variant of Horaz; Hour in TimeBoy
HoratiuRomanian form of Horatius, meaning hour, time or season.Boy
HoratiusA Hero who Saved Rome; Timekeeper, Etruscan originBoy
HordName of Ashjom's father.Boy
HoreaA type of circle dance.Boy
HoriA Prince; Freeborn, MoatBoy
HorikA male Anglo-Saxon nameBoy
HorilalA FestivalBoy
HormazWealthy Person; Rich and ProsperousBoy
HormozA Character in ShahnamehBoy
HormuzdName of a Persian king.Boy
HornOne who blows the horn during the battleBoy
HorsaHe who arrived to the land on the horseBoy
HorstHorst is Man From The WoodsBoy
HortenFrom the Gray SettlementBoy
HortonSurname created from an Old English place-name usually meaning "muddy farmstead".Boy
HorusGod of LightBoy

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