222 Baby Boy Names That Start With Hu

HuTiger; Vigorous; A Nature GodBoy
HuaetberctA peson who is humble, independent and adorableBoy
HuailThe pasture which is covered by many colors.Boy
HuangBright yellowBoy
HuatareHuatare is the name of a famous chief.Boy
HubaLove; Friendship;Boy
HubaabAim; Friendship; Bubble of WaterBoy
HubabAim; FriendshipBoy
HubaishWell Known Bird; Name of a TabiBoy
HubalAncient Idol in the Temple of MakkahBoy
HubbLove; Wish; DesireBoy
HubbardGraceful; Bright or Shining IntellectBoy
HubbatBeloved; LoveBoy
Hubeman who owns a hubeBoy
HubertHubert is Mind BrightBoy
HubertusLatinized form of HUBERTBoy
HubieBright; Shining IntellectBoy
HucaHang Up, Call Again (Abbr), A Vietnami name alsoBoy
HuckEnglish - Resembling the fruit; A variant of HuckleberryBoy
HuckleberryEnglish - Resembling the fruit; A variant is HuckBoy
HudHooded; Those who Ask Forgiveness; A Prophet's NameBoy
HudaRight GuidanceBoy
HudadA pre-Islamic Arabic King's nameBoy
HuddeA form of Hugh, meaning heart, mind, spirit.Boy
HuddyFrom a pet form of the medieval personal name HuddeBoy
HudhafahAn old Arabic nameBoy
HudhaifahAn ancient Arabic nameBoy
HudhayfahAn Arabic name from the ancient timesBoy
HudnPeace; Calm; QuietBoy
HudsonEnglish - Son of Hudd; Son of Hugh;Boy
HuemacName of a Toltec king.Unisex
HueyHuey is Bright In Mind And SpiritBoy
HufulPlenty; AbundanceBoy
HugOne who is full of spirit.Unisex
HugeburcOne who has a heart and a mindBoy
HuggahalliName of a Sage; A saint's nameBoy
HughHugh is Bright In Mind And SpiritBoy
Hughebrilliant In Mind And strengthBoy
HughesGermanic - Heart; Mind; Spirit; A variant of name HughBoy
HughieGermanic - Heart; Mind; Spirit; A diminutive of name HughBoy
Hughocstrong desireBoy
HuginOne who is thoughtfulBoy

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