1158 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ja

JaName that means "Me"Unisex
JaabirHe is a good counselorBoy
JaafarHe who comes from the small riverBoy
JaagupEstonian form of Jacob, meaning supplanter.Boy
JaahDignity or grandeur.Boy
JaakOne who holds the heelBoy
JaakkoFinnish form of Jacob; Supplanter; RepresentativeBoy
JaakobHe is a supplanterBoy
JaalaA little goat who is ascendingBoy
JaalibOne who has a motive, a cause for actingBoy
JaanGod is GraciousBoy
JaanakeedaasJanaki's servantBoy
JaanakeeramanJanaki's husbandBoy
JaaneshLord of Men; Lord of the living in Sanskrit; A spelling variant of JaneshBoy
JaaniHe is a gift of GodBoy
JaapOne who is a supplanterBoy
JaarehOne who wounds and cutsBoy
JaavedOne who is eternalBoy
JaayOne who rejoicesBoy
JabaarOne who has great power and mightBoy
JabalThe one who glides awayBoy
JabaliA man who is strong as a rockBoy
JabarOne who is mighty powerfulBoy
JabareA man known for his braveryBoy
JabariOne who is braveBoy
JabarjangBrave in the Battlefield; Courageous and Mighty Warrior in WarBoy
JabbarOne of the 99 names of Allah, also means powerfulBoy
JabberOne who babbles, who talks a lotBoy
JaberOne who comforts othersBoy
JabezOne who is sorrow and is in troubleBoy
JabharA variant of Jabbar which means Giant; AlmightyBoy
JabierA bright manBoy
JabiloA man of medicineBoy
JabinOne who is understandingBoy
JabirOne who comforts; One who consoles; Consoler; A variant of JabbarBoy
JabiriA man who has no fearBoy
JaboriOne who brings comfort to peopleBoy
JabrOne who comforts and helpsBoy
JabraanA penalty for your deedsBoy
JabranA reward or a penaltyBoy
JabriAllah's archangelBoy
JabrilOne who fings strenght in GodBoy
JabrionOne who has a bow made of yew woodBoy
JabrootMagnificent or majestic.Boy
JabulaniHe who rejoicesBoy
JacHebrew - Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; A variant of JackBoy
JacanOne who brings troubleBoy
JaceOld Greek - To heal; The Lord is my Salvation, Healer; A variant of JasonBoy
JacekLike a hycianth flowerBoy

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