49 Baby Boy Names That Start With Jal

JalOne who wandersBoy
JalaalGlory of the faithBoy
JaladA mistBoy
JaladharA cloudBoy
JaladharaSanskrit name meaning Ocean; The Sea; Abundant WaterBoy
JaladhiSanskrit name meaning Ocean; The Sea; Abundant WaterBoy
JaladhijThe MoonBoy
JaladhipaKing of the watersBoy
JalajLotus flowerBoy
JalakOne who sparklesBoy
JalalArabic name meaning greatnessBoy
JalalaLoftiness; Sublimity; Glory; Grandeur; Glory of the FaithBoy
JalalaldinGloriuos faithBoy
JalaleddinThe graet faithBoy
JalaluddinGlory of the faithBoy
JalanWater; Cloud bearing WaterBoy
JalancalaWater Clad; A Spring; A FountainBoy
JalandraForm of Jalandhar, a place nameBoy
JalaneelBlue Color of the Sea; Colour of waterBoy
JalarkThe image of the sunBoy
JalarkaSun in the waterBoy
JalasaCelebration; Water Like; Healing; Happiness; JoyBoy
JalbhushanAn ornamentBoy
JaldeepA lamp in the waterBoy
JaldevGod of waterBoy
JaldharThe cloudsBoy
JalebAn attainerBoy
JaleelOne who is grandBoy
JaleesAn associateBoy
JaleighHe who has whown favorBoy
JalenA jay birdBoy
JalenderLord of the watersBoy
JalendraKing of waterBoy
JalenduMoon in the waterBoy
JaleshLord of waterBoy
JalexCombination name of Jake and AlexBoy
JaliOne who is powerfulBoy
JalibOne who has a motive or a causeBoy
JalilExpectant of GodBoy
JalinOne who is calmBoy
JalindraLord of the waterBoy
JalisA companion at the tableBoy
JalmarWarrior with a helmetBoy
JalonOne who is murmuringBoy
JalorGlory; To exult with triumph; Rejoice proudly;Boy
JalpA discussionBoy
JalpanA Gujarati name meaning discussion; Like a conversationBoy
JalpeshKing of Water; Emperor of Water; Lord of Water; Ruler of WaterBoy

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