78 Baby Boy Names That Start With Jam

JamA sweet condimentUnisex
JamaalThe beautiful oneBoy
Jamaal udeenBeauty of the faithBoy
JamaaluddinA beautiful faithBoy
JamaaludeenFaith is beautifulBoy
JamaarThe handsome oneBoy
JamadOne from the valleyBoy
JamadagniOne consumed in fireBoy
JamaelA handsome manBoy
JamahlThe handsome oneBoy
JamailBeautiful oneBoy
JamalHe who is handsomeBoy
Jamal al dinBeauty of the faithBoy
JamalaldinBeauty of the faithBoy
JamaleTo be beautifulBoy
JamaleddnArabic name for BoysBoy
JamallThe handsome oneBoy
JamaluddinBeauty of the religionBoy
JamaludinBeauty of the faithBoy
JamarA beautiful manBoy
JamarcusA modern name from the combination of element 'Ja-' with MarcusBoy
JamareonOne who has strong willBoy
JamariA good looking manBoy
JamarionMan with good looksBoy
JamariusArabic name meaning beautyBoy
JamaunThe right hand of favorBoy
JambavanA caracter in Indian epic poetryBoy
JambertVariation of Lambert meaning a bright placeBoy
JambhalaGod of Wealth; God of Prosperity; God of richnessBoy
JambuName of Lord ShivaBoy
JambukeshwarOne of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
JambukeswaraLord of the Jackals; One of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
JameShort from James, means to healBoy
JameelA handsome manBoy
JameenWoind blowing from suothBoy
JamelHe who posesses great looksBoy
JameleArabic name meaning beautifulBoy
JamellArabic name describing beautyBoy
JameonOne who tamesBoy
JamerealArabic name for BoysBoy
JamesOne who underminesBoy
JameseHebrew - Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; A variant of name JamesBoy
JamesenA supplanterBoy
JamesieHolder of heelBoy
JamesonJames's sonBoy
JamesyGod may protectBoy
JameyDiminutive of James, meaning a supplanterBoy
JamianA right hand of favorBoy

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