107 Baby Boy Names That Start With Jan

JanGift from GodBoy
JanaanA beloved oneBoy
JanadevaGod of menBoy
JanaganName of Lord Sita's fatherBoy
JanagiriOne who is of good nature and affectionate personBoy
JanakThe creatorBoy
JanakaA fatherBoy
JanakibhushanAn ornanent of JankiBoy
JanakidasA servant of JanakiBoy
JanakinandanSon of Janaki; Janaki's Child;Boy
JanakinathName of Lord RamaBoy
JanakinathaRuler of Janaki; Husband of Janaki; One of many names of Lord RamaBoy
JanakiramGod's name, name of Janki's husbandBoy
JanakiramanName of Lord RamaBoy
JanakivallabhOne of many names of Lord Rama referring him as husband of JanakiBoy
JanakpreetFatherly loveBoy
JanakrIndianSon of JanakiBoy
JanalHe who is cute and sweetBoy
JanamA birthBoy
JanamejayOne who is victorious since birthBoy
JanamejayaTriumphant from birthBoy
JanamitraFriend of Men; Companion of MenBoy
JananaAn ancestorBoy
JanapatiLord of Men; God of Men; Leader of Men; Ruler of MenBoy
JanardanLiberator from the cycle of birth and deathBoy
JanardanaName of Lord VishnuBoy
JanardhanName of Lord VishnuBoy
JanardhanaOne who helps peopleBoy
JanasheenThe successorBoy
JanavA man who protectsBoy
JanavaRespecting Men; Honouring Men; One who has high regard for MankindBoy
JanbaajWarrior of the World; Brave, Courageous and Mighty defender of the WorldBoy
JancisCombination name of Jan and Francis, one who is from FranceBoy
JandaA flagBoy
JandarahName of Sahabi RaBoy
JandevLord of Men; God of Men; Leader of Men; Ruler of MenBoy
JandoCognate Of Alexander, means defender of menBoy
JandolJandol is the name of place in Pashtun Khwa.Boy
JandroSpanish name meaning to defendBoy
JanealamLife of the worldBoy
JaneeshLord of the People; God of the People; Leader of the people; Ruler of the PeopleBoy
JanekPolish name meaning God is graciousBoy
JanendraLord of Men; God of Men; Leader of Men; Ruler of MenBoy
JaneshLord of menBoy
JanesvaraLord of Men; God of Men; Leader of Men; Ruler of MenBoy
JanezGod's gracious giftBoy
JangWar; Battle;Boy
JangbahadurBrave in the Battlefield; Courageous and Mighty Warrior in WarBoy
JangbirBrave in the Battlefield; Courageous and Mighty Warrior in WarBoy
JangiHe who is brave in battleBoy
JangjeetOne who Conquers the Battlefield of the Mind; Victorious in War;Boy
JangoHe who is awakeBoy
JaniA gift from GodBoy
JanicBretons form of John, meaning Yahweh is graciousBoy
JanieA gift from GodBoy
JanikGod is graciousBoy
JaninderGod; Supreme Being; Lord;Boy
JanisShe who has been given by GodBoy
JanishGod of ShantiBoy
JanisonJane's sonBoy
JanisthaOne who is wanted by the peopleBoy
JanithHe who is bornBoy
JanjeetVictory of the People; Triumph of People; Success of PeopleBoy
JanjotLight of the People; Brightness and Radiance of PeopleBoy
JankeshLord of his subjectsBoy
JankinGod is graciousBoy
JankinathJanki's Husband; One of many names of Lord Ram referring him as husband of JanakiBoy
JankiramName of GodBoy
JankoLord is mercifulBoy
JanmaIndian name meaning birthBoy
JanmayBorn; New Born Child; A variant spelling is JanmeyaBoy
JanmeshKing of his kundiiBoy
JanmeyaBorn; New Born Child; A variant spelling is JanmayBoy
JanmuhammadLife of MuhammadBoy
JannA genieBoy
JannanishThe Father;Boy
JannaviSouth River; Another name of River GangaBoy
JannesHebrew - Yahweh is Gracious; Yahweh is merciful; A variant of JohnBoy
JannicJannic is a variant of Janic and means Yahweh is graciousBoy
JannikLove of GodBoy
JannisNordic name meaning God's graceBoy
JannonOne with fair hairBoy
JanosGod has shown favorBoy
JanpalFosterer of the People; Friend of the people; Companion of the people;Boy
JanpreetOne who Loves People; One who is affectionate and caring towards peopleBoy
JanpremOne who lovesBoy
JanrajA Brave One who Remembers God; Ruler of People; King of PeopleBoy
JansSlavic - God has been gracious; God is merciful; God has shown favourBoy
JansenGod has been graciousBoy
JansevJan's sonBoy
JansherLife of a lionBoy
JansherkhanLion's powerBoy
JansonSon of JanBoy
JantekSupporting People; Friend of People; One who guides and leads the peopleBoy
JantisA spear that is sharpBoy
JantjeGod is graciousBoy
JanuA force of lifeBoy
JanuarioDevoted to Janus, a variation of January.Boy
JanuariusOne who is born in JanuaryBoy
JanusGreek name meaning getawayBoy

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