29 Baby Boy Names That Start With Jap

JapPersonal chanting of the holy nameBoy
JapaTo chantBoy
JapaapRemembering God Ceaselessly; One who remembers god always; Having God's thoughts alwaysBoy
JapanPlace name, JapanBoy
JapanaOne who has energetic, drive oriented and ambitionUnisex
JapbirChanting; Praise of the Brave; Adoring the braveBoy
JapdharamRemembering Righteous Path; One who preaches about his religion alwaysBoy
JapdheerSteadfast by Remembering God; One who remembers GodBoy
JapeenIndian name for BoysBoy
JapendraLord of chantsBoy
JapenduName of Lord ShivaBoy
JapesaLord of those who reciteBoy
JapeshChanting LordBoy
JaphetThe hansome oneBoy
JaphethHebrew - May he expand; Handsome; A variant of name YaphetBoy
JapinderOne who praises GodBoy
JapjeetAdored victoryBoy
JapjotOne who awakes in the light of meditationBoy
JapleenAbsorbed in God's Remembrance; Engrossed in Praise of God; Immersed in praising GodBoy
JapmantMeditation on Lord's wordBoy
JapmeetOne who is adoredBoy
JapnaamOne who meditates on GodBoy
JapnailA military man, generalBoy
JapneetOne who is absorbed in adorationBoy
JapnirantarCeaselessly Meditation; One who is engrossed in remembering God continuously;Boy
JapnoorWorshipper of Eternal Light; One who meditates on the divine lightBoy
JapsherA lionBoy
JapteshName of the mighty Lord Shiva; powerful and supremeBoy
JapujiGod's wordBoy

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