128 Baby Boy Names That Start With Jay

JayOne who is happyBoy
Jay kishanName of Lord KrishnaBoy
Jaya prateekA symbol of victoryBoy
JayachandVictory of the MoonBoy
JayachandranMoon's victoryBoy
JayadOne who has brought victoryBoy
JayadaOne who thriumphsBoy
JayadbalName of Sahadev's during hiding period in Indian Epic MahabarathBoy
JayadeepTriumph of lightBoy
JayadevA famous poet nameBoy
JayadevaGod of Victory; God of TriumphBoy
JayadharChampion of a battle or gameBoy
JayadityaSun that is victoriousBoy
JayadrathaBrother-in-law of durodhana, king of sindhu kingdom, married to dushala sister of the kauravasBoy
JayaganeshPerson who achieved victoryBoy
JayagopalVictorious; One of many names of Lord Krishna celebrating him as VictoriousBoy
JayajAlways the Winner; One who is victorious alwaysBoy
JayakamalFlower of Vicotry; Lotus of VictoryBoy
JayakantaLight of Victory; Radiance and Luminance of VictoryBoy
JayakarGoddess muruganBoy
JayaketanThe symbol of victoryBoy
JayakrishanVictorious krishnaBoy
JayakrishnaKrishna the successful oneBoy
JayakumarVictory will be his sideBoy
JayammaPraise to the lord.Boy
JayanandJoy of successBoy
JayandeepLight of knowledgeBoy
JayantaLord vishnuBoy
JayanthVictorious starBoy
JayapalKing, lord vishnu. lord brahmaBoy
JayaprakashLight of victoryBoy
JayarHe who healsBoy
JayarajBrilliant lord of victoryBoy
JayaramGreatness of Lord Rama; Victory to Lord RamaBoy
JayaramanA pleasing victoryBoy
JayarathAbsorbed in Victory; Engrossed in Victory; Immersed in VictoryBoy
JayasOne who wins everything; One who is always victoriousBoy
JayasankarVictorious shivaBoy
JayasekharOn the top of the victoryBoy
JayasenaA king of avantiBoy
JayashankarVictorious Lord Shankar; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
JayashekaraCrest of Victory; Pinnacle of Victory; Peak of VictoryBoy
JayashekharCrest of victoryBoy
JayashishVictory with blessingBoy
JayasimhaName of a King; One who is victorious like LionBoy
JayasuryaVictorious sunBoy
JayateerthHoly Victory; Divine and Sacred VictoryBoy
JayatheerthaHoly Victory; Divine and Sacred VictoryBoy
JayatraLeading to Victory; One who will lead us to success;Boy

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