23 Baby Boy Names That Start With Jh

JhabarA sensitive and friendly individual; practicalBoy
JhalmalEndearing person to the eyes of the peopleBoy
JhamalSpear warrior and ruler; one who is handsomeBoy
JhanakOne who creates; Melody, a soundBoy
JhandaFlag, symbolizes the countryBoy
JhangimalSon of a prawnBoy
JhanishGod's Gracious Butterfly; Butterfly; God is mercifulBoy
JhankarSay something in a low and soft voiceUnisex
JhareshwarSplendour of the flameBoy
JhawarAn idealistic and desirable beingBoy
JhenkarHumming sound of the Bee; Pleasant like a buzzing sound of the BeeBoy
JhettA wild spiritBoy
JhilmitPartially visibleBoy
JhinkaThe name depicts an aggressive and independent character in person. People with this name have leadership and forceful qualities. Such people maintain the balance in their life.Boy
JhinookIt means oyster or seashell. People with this name have ruler ability and is kind hearted. Such people also possess the leadership quality and are softspoken.Boy
JhiraaghThe meaning of the word is Lamp or light. People with this name have business developing ability and can easily organize the work. Some of the people are diplomatic and lack self confidence.Boy
JhirmainePeople with this name gives a clear sketch about the good business and are clever in nature.fine things in life. such people demand peace and They enjoy the company of friends and family.Boy
JhomerPeople with this name are sensitive, generous and filled with emotions. Some people are often found with the psychological conflicts because of their sensitive nature.Boy
JhoshilA Sanskrit name meaning ValidationBoy
JhulierIt means precious. People with this name have the ability to deal every kind of people because they are diplomatic in nature and have pleasant sense of humour.Boy
JhumaThe word specific meaning is toy for child or any playing thing for child. People with this name are honest, brilliant, clever and courageous in nature.Boy
JhumarThey are imaginative, theoretical and with inspirational ideas.Boy
JhumkiThey are imaginative, impressionable and comedienne. They can be enjoyable and appreciable by the audience.Boy

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