39 Baby Boy Names That Start With Jor

Joramit is spanish word which means God is gracious or Gift from God. They have passion for their life and impressive nature. They are organized.Boy
Joranthey are great givers and spread joy, laughter everywhere they go. They have many friends.Boy
Jorcinathese people are easily admired because of their intense personality. They are watch maker and jeweler in profession. They have unite attitude and develop friendship.Boy
Jordpeople with this name are young and take care of their physcial appearance. They seek friendship and prove to be your best buddy.Boy
Jordaansuch people are refreshing and have a spark in their attitude. They cherish the memories they have and understanding capability. profession: shepherd, horsemenUnisex
Jordanthese people are brilliant and spread harmony among people. they have a genuine and natural side.Boy
Jordankathey are noble and charm in personality. They attain success easily and joyful.they always give you the attention and time properly.Boy
Jordannapraised. They understand others very well and provide good advice.they are mostly shoe maker or sailor in profession.Boy
Jordannethe one who is praised. They are dashing and romantic in nature. Blessed with a lot of blessings and have strong spirit.Unisex
Jordellpeople with this name have absolute thinking and joyful in nature. They look life in a unque way . They are bee-keeper or monk.Boy
Jordenthe praise of God or confessing something. People with this name are unique and discreet. They can keep your secret for a long time. Profession :dancer, actor or singerBoy
JordiJordi means Flowing. This name is mostly used in CatalanBoy
JordinThe meaning od the name Jordin is Flowing, Descending.Boy
JordonJordon means The One Who DescendsBoy
JordyJordy name meansTo Flow DownBoy
JordynThe name Jordyn means DownflowingBoy
JorelThe name Jorel means God will UpliftBoy
JorellJorell means The God will Lift UpBoy
JorelleThe name Jorelle means Lifted by the GodBoy
JorenJoren name meaning is Farmer, He who works with EarthBoy
JoreyMeaning of the name Jorey is Down-FlowBoy
JorgJorg means Earth WorkerBoy
JorgeA derivative of Greek word Georgos meaning Farmer; A Tiller of the Soil; Earth WorkerBoy
JorgenJorgen originates from Greek word To work with the LandBoy
JoriJori is a male name and means descending, going downBoy
JorianJorian is a Nordic name and means FarmerBoy
JorikJorik means Wild BoarBoy
JorinHigh or preciousBoy
JorisThe name Joris meansVigilantBoy
JormaThe name Jorma means Yahweh has UpliftedBoy
JornName Jorn means Vigilant WatchmanBoy
JorrelJorrel name means Uplifted by God or The God will UpliftBoy
JorrellJorrell is of Hebrew origin, means The God will LiftBoy
JorrinEnglish - American - Loved by God; A variant form of the name JorrynBoy
JorunThe name Jorun means LoveBoy
JorunnJorunn means The One Who Loves HorsesBoy
JorvikJorvik is a Viking name, means From the Bear EstateBoy
JoryJory name means Farmer in EnglishBoy
JoryaPowerful; Mighty; Brave; Strong; CourageousBoy

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