171 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ju

Ju-longChinesee - Powerful and gigantic ; Strong and mighty like a dragonBoy
JuaannguaqSweet, dearBoy
Juailthey are blessed with the things and grace of God. They love everlast and have understanding capability.Unisex
JuanGod is gracious. People with this name have the fun side and can convince people with their nice and jolly attitude.Boy
JuãnaseGreenlandic form of Johannes. It means God is gracious.Boy
Juancarlosthey are serious thinkers and full of energy. They find their compatible level with people very easy. Friends enjoy their company.Boy
Juanitoit is spanish word which means God is gracious or Gift from God. They have passion for their life and impressive nature. They are organized.Boy
Jubailthey are great givers and spread joy, laughter everywhere they go. They have many friends.Boy
Jubairthese people are easily admired because of their intense personality. They are watch maker and jeweler in profession. They have unite attitude and develop friendship.Boy
JubalHebrew - Ram's Horn ; A small stream; Joobal is a variant form of JubalBoy
Jubayrpeople with this name are young and take care of their physcial appearance. They seek friendship and prove to be your best buddy.Boy
Jubersuch people are refreshing and have a spark in their attitude. They cherish the memories they have and understanding capability. profession: shepherd, horsemenUnisex
JubilantGreat joy; Rejoicing; Celebrating Triumph;Boy
JubinHonorable; Righteous; A variant form is Zubin which means one who touches the skyBoy
Jubranthese people are brilliant and spread harmony among people. they have a genuine and natural side.Boy
Jucentiusthey are noble and charm in personality. They attain success easily and joyful.they always give you the attention and time properly.Boy
Judpraised. They understand others very well and provide good advice.they are mostly shoe maker or sailor in profession.Boy
Judathe one who is praised. They are dashing and romantic in nature. Blessed with a lot of blessings and have strong spirit.Unisex
Judaalapeople with this name have absolute thinking and joyful in nature. They look life in a unque way . They are bee-keeper or monk.Boy
JudaeaLand of the descendants of Judah; The praised oneUnisex
Judahthe praise of God or confessing something. People with this name are unique and discreet. They can keep your secret for a long time. Profession :dancer, actor or singerBoy
JudasTo praiseBoy
JudayThey like to be quiet; lenient to others; prefer team work; they are sweet-tempered;they are very smart and does not rely on materialistic things; believe in learningBoy
JuddThe praised one; Also means to flow down; Flowing downBoy
JuddhaWar. A variant of the name Yuddha.Boy
JudeaThey are very kind to others, believe in charity, nobel, blessed and honored by othersBoy
JudeanA person loyal to the king of Judea, someone who serves the king of Judea.Boy
JudeeThe one who is optimistic who grasp the standards of sympathy and pardoning. They are likewise inventive and creative that gives them an aesthetic ability.Boy
JudgeThe one with passionate soul and reserved nature, will keep calm, stritct and ambitious throughout the life.Boy
Judhailthe descendant of Goda, The person who lives with and after us, Who will help everyone, keep happy everyoneBoy
JudiahJudiah means Praise of The Lord, ConfessionBoy
JudicaelGenerous lordBoy
JudikaelA variant of Judicaël, meaning lord or princeBoy
JudsonJudson name means Son of The One who DesendsBoy
JudyJudy means Praised OneBoy
JuelzJuelz name means JewelsBoy
JugaadOne who is there since ages; One who finds simple solutions for complicated problemsBoy
JugadName means One Who is there since the AgesBoy
JugalJugal name means CoupleBoy
JugalaDuo; A Sanskrit name meaning two or DualBoy
JuggyMeans Victory of BlueBoy
JugnuName Jungu means FireflyBoy
JugrajJurgaj name means PatientBoy
JuhaJuha name means Be MercifulBoy
JuhanEstonian form of John. It means God is gracious.Boy
JuhanaJuhana name means GraciousBoy
JuhitThe name Juhit means BrightnessBoy
JuhithThe name means Jasmin FlowerBoy
JuhkamEstablished by God.Boy

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