17 Baby Boy Names That Start With Jul

Julpeople with this name live their life very well and have understanding ability. They bring joy whereever they go.Boy
JulaybibBrave MartyrBoy
Julesthe word means youthful. They are calm, simple and have a fun side. They are easy to understand.Unisex
JulezJulez is a variation of Jules and means youthful.Boy
JulianLatin - Jupiter's Child; Downy; Julian is YouthfulBoy
Julianosuch people are a pleasant ones and have passion to live and achieve their goal in life.Boy
Julienthe name is very plesant and so do their personality, they are joyful, cheerful and help to bring laughter in others life as well.Boy
Julijpeople with this name are joyful and have a spark in nature. They are strong, courageous and live their life to the fullest with out any regret.Unisex
Julijathey are known because of being social and get fame. They become wealthy with the passage of time. They are admirable persons.Unisex
JulijanMacedonian form of Julian. It means youthful.Boy
JulijanaPeople with this name are not unselfish. They are most admirable and are noble. Honest, charming , but stubborn.Unisex
Juliopeople with this name try their best to please everyone. They show interest in making friends.Boy
Julistethey prove to be scholar and keep on trying to achieve their goal. They have a strong spirit and live their life to fullest.Unisex
JuliusLatin - Jupiter's Child; Downy; Julian is YouthfulBoy
Juliuszthey do value their self respect a lot. Have unique personality and live their life well. good sense of humour.Unisex
Jullianpeople with this name are loyal and love their family a lot. They bring joy where ever they go and are good advisers.Unisex
JulyanThe meaning of the name Down-bearded youthBoy

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