1200 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ka

KabandhaUgly Giant; A mythological musician who gets cursed by Lord Indra and then later gets his moksha through RamBoy
KabarKabar name means High StatusBoy
KabarishKabaridh means A King of KingsBoy
KabeckaKabecka name means TwinUnisex
KabeerKabeer name means The ErderlyBoy
KabeeraA variant of name Kabira which means great;Boy
KabeloKabelo means GivenBoy
KabhooThe name Kabhoo means NeverBoy
KabilanThe name Kabilan means Name of SaintBoy
KabilashAlways Good;Boy
KabileshJoy; Happiness; Delight; Cheerfulness;Boy
KabiliName Kabili means Honest, BraveUnisex
KabirKabir name means The GreatBoy
KabrA variant of name Kabira which means great;Boy
KabulKabul means Fulfilled Wish or PrayerBoy
KacaKaca name means Descendant of the Vigilant OneUnisex
KacapaKacapa means Cloud Drinker, LeafBoy
KaceKace means The Descendant of the VigilantUnisex
KacenKacen means Descendant from the Vigilant OneBoy
KacesvaraName of a Famous Poet; A Deity of Beauty; A TempleBoy
KaceyKacey is a Boy name meaning Descendant of CathasachBoy
KachelaA Surname for Samma Tribe people found along banks of Indus River in PakistanBoy
KachisichoGod's desireBoy
KachisideAs God has written it or the will of God.Boy
KachwahaName of a Caste group originated in India; A variant usage is KushwahaBoy
KacimaKacima means Where the Clouds restBoy
KacperKacper means TreasurerBoy
KadakHard; Firm;Boy
KadalKadal means Oceanunisex
KadamFirst Step to do any thing; First initial; Beginning;Boy
KadambKadamb means Name of the TreeBoy
KadambaKadamba means Orange FlowerBoy
KadambakThe meaning of the name is CloudBoy
KadambanOne of many names of Lord Murugan; One who is wearing Kadambu flowers in his shoulders; God of warBoy
KadambiAn Indian Surname of Tamil Origin; A varaint of Kidambi and in Kannada referred as KadambiBoy
KadambiniA Sanskrit name meaning flowers of the Kadamba Tree; An array of clouds;Boy
KadampanOne of many names of Lord Murugan; One who is wearing Kadambu flowers in his shoulders; God of warBoy
KadanKadan means CompanionBoy
KadappanSecluded, resourceful and astonishing person; A person who is energetic and diligent individualBoy
KadarPowerful; Mighty; Brave; Strong; Courageous;Boy
KadavulGod; Supreme Being; Lord; Creator of life; Ruler and Emperor of all beings in UniverseBoy
KadeKade means Gentle PersonBoy
KadeemKadeem means ServantBoy
KadeenFriend; Companion; Confidant; Well WisherBoy
KadeerFriend; Companion; Confidant; Well Wisher; Servant in ArabicBoy
KadekYounger sibling. The name is generally given to second child.Boy
KadenKaden means FighterBoy
KadhiOcean; Sea; Vast water signifying depth and strengthBoy
KadhirKadhir means Ray of Light, BrilliantBoy
KadhiravanThe name bears a meaning SunBoy

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