206 Baby Boy Names That Start With Kar

KaraItalian - Beloved; Dear; Derived from name Cara or CarusBoy
KaraamatKaraamat name means Miracle and NobilityBoy
KaracA spiritual, religious and respectable being; fortunateBoy
KaracuraGold; Shining and lustrousBoy
KaraimidarranOne man army; Strong and Powerful; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
KarajKaraj name means LoanBoy
KarajalaThe name means A stream of LightBoy
KarakasaKarakasa name means Sword in IndianBoy
KaramKaram name means Generosity in ArabicUnisex
KaramatMiracle; Nobility; Marvel; Wonder; Dignity; GraciousnessBoy
KarambirThe name means Brave with the Gods GraceBoy
KaramdeepLamp of God's Grace; Brilliance of God's wonder and graciousness;Boy
KaramjeetVictory of Deeds; Victory of Noble, Kind, dignified and gracious worksBoy
KaramjotLight of God's Grace; Brigtness and radiance of God's wonder and graciousnessBoy
KaramleenThe name means Absorbed in God's GraceBoy
KarampalThe Keeper of God's Grace; Companion and Fosterer of God's dignity and marvelBoy
KarampaulThe name means Protector of the Grace of GodBoy
KarampreetThe Lover of God's Grace; One who loves God's Nobility, miracle, dignity and graciousnessBoy
KarampremThe meaning of the name is Lover of God's GraceBoy
KaramroopThe name means Embodiment of God's GraceBoy
KaramullahThe name means Bounty of AllahBoy
KaramveerEnthusiastic Hero; A dignified, noble, gracious and marvellous WarriorBoy
KaramwantThe meaning of the name is Full of the Grace of GodBoy
KaranKaran means He who HelpsBoy
KaranailKaranail means He who overcomes the ObsticalesBoy
KaranamThe Meaning; Reason; Significance; Motive;Boy
KaranbirThe name means Full with God's GraceBoy
KarandeepKarandeep means the Lamp of the GraceBoy
KaranjaBorn of Hand; Difficult to ObtainBoy
KaranjeetVictory of Karan; One of many names of Arjuna signifying his victory over Karna and Karan is a variant of KarnaBoy
KaranjitVictory of Karan; One of many names of Arjuna signifying his victory over Karna and Karan is a variant of KarnaBoy
KaranmeetThe name means a friend of Karan, of he He helpsBoy
KaranosRuler, king or leaderBoy
KaranpalKaranpal name means Protector of Karan, the one Who HelpsBoy
KaranpreetOne who is lovableBoy
KaranpremKaranprem means LovableBoy
KaranroopMeans Embodiment of Karan, Embodiment of HelpBoy
KaranveerKaranveer means Brave and Kind as the WarriorBoy
KaranvirKaranvir means Brave as the Warrior KaranBoy
KarastenKarasten means A ChristianBoy
KarataOne of many names of Lord Ganesh signifying him as reason for all happeningsBoy
KarawanKarawan is an expression used to avert the Evil EyeBoy
KarchKarch name means BarrowBoy
KarcherKarcher name means Beautiful Boy with Blonde HairBoy
KarcsiKarcsi means Strong and Masculine ManBoy
KardaarController, or supervisorBoy
KardalKardal means Mustard SeedBoy
KardamaKardama means ShadowBoy
KardarKarad means ExperiencedBoy
KareKare means means Enormous, BigBoy
KareefBorn in Autumn; A variant spelling is KarifBoy
KareemKareem means The One who gives a lotBoy
Kareem karimThe name means Generous, Kind heartedBoy
KarelKarel name means Strong, Manly, MasculineBoy
KaremKarem means PraisewothyBoy
KaremeKareme means TenderheartedBoy
KareyDescendant of CiardhaBoy
KarhedinA quick one; honest and amusingBoy
KarhikA variant of name Kartik; Son of Lord Shiva and Leader of Deva Army; God of War; Lord MurugaBoy
KariAs a female name Kari means Black haired one in Gaelic, or Nordic Free Woman. Male version of the name means Strong in French and Tremenduos in ScandinavianUnisex
KarianKarian means Man, MaleBoy
KariappaBlack ManBoy
KaridenaAn inspirational and talented human beingBoy
KarifKarif name means Arrived in AutumnBoy
KarikKarik means Ever Powerful RulerBoy
KarikaA set of verses explaining the philosophical doctrinesBoy
KarikaalanKarikaalan is a name of the Wise and Brave Chola KingBoy
KarikalanName of the Chola King known for his wisdom and bravery; He was named as he had charred legsBoy
KarimKarim name means Noble and GenerousBoy
KarinaKarina means PureBoy
KarinithThe name means BeautyBoy
KarirajName of an ancient KingBoy
KarisnuKarisnu means AccomplishingBoy
KarithikLamp lighted on occasion of Diwali; Brightness and Radiance for welcoming Lord RamBoy
KarjunaA combination of Karan and Arjuna, Characters of the epic MahabharatBoy
KarkasaThe name means Harsh,FirmBoy
KarkitakSerpent King; A variant is KarkotakBoy
KarkodanKarkodan means King of SnakesBoy
KarkotakSerpent King; A variant is KarkitakBoy
KarkotakaThe name means Naga KingBoy
KarlKarl means Man, ManlyBoy
KarlanKarlan means Free ManBoy
KarleKarle means Man with FreedomBoy
KarlensKarlens means Strong and MasculineBoy
KarlikName Karlik means Man, Free ManBoy
KarlingKarling means Little ChampionBoy
KarlisKarlis means Strong and MasculineBoy
KarlitisKarlitis means Strong ManBoy
KarloKarlo means Man with ArmorBoy
KarlosKarlos means Man with FreedomBoy
KarlsonKarlson means Son of a Free ManBoy
KarlstenKarlsten means A Son of KarlBoy
KarlusSettlement of free menBoy
KarmKarm means FateBoy
KarmanKarman means The Act of DoingBoy
KarmaniThe name Karmani means BenefactorBoy
KarmanyaClever in Work; Dutiful; Devoted; Obedient; Compliant in work and dutiesBoy
KarmashOne who does his duty and work obediently, devotedly and dutifullyBoy
KarmegamRain-bearing Cloud; Resourceful; Dark and grey cloudsBoy
KarmeganRain-bearing Cloud; Resourceful; Dark and grey cloudsBoy

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