46 Baby Boy Names That Start With Kav

KavaKava name means Hero of Ancient TimesBoy
KavachArmour; One of many names of Karna as he was born wearing a kavach as in armour;Boy
KavachinThe name means He who has an ArmorBoy
KavalDark Skinned; Black tonedBoy
KavalanBodyguard; Protector; Guardian; Defender; Safe-guarderBoy
KavaleshOne of many names of Lord Vishnu signifying him as protector of universeBoy
KavanIndian meaning of the name is Poem and Water, Irish meaning is HandsomeBoy
KavanaPoem; Verse; PoetryBoy
KavasaOne of many names of Karna as he was born wearing a kavach as in armour;Boy
KavashKavash means ShieldBoy
KaveenBeautiful Poet; One who is talented in writing poemsBoy
KaveeshKaveesh means The Ruler of the PoersBoy
KaveeshaKaveesha means the Lord of the PoetsBoy
KavehRoyal; Ancient Hero; A Character in Shahnameh;Boy
KavelKavel name means Lotus FlowerBoy
KavelaKavela The Flower LotusUnisex
KavenHandsome; Appealing; Attractive; CharmingBoy
KavenduThe brigtest poet, a moon among the poetsBoy
KaviKavi name means The Wise man, Sage or a PoerBoy
KaviarasanKing of Poetry; Expert in Poetry; Best of all the PoetsBoy
KavikoKaviko means Who is Great in PoetryBoy
KavinKavin means means Beautiful and Handsome ManBoy
Kavin ramKavin Ram means He is BeautifulBoy
KavinathThe name means "What"Boy
KavinduKavindu means The Moon Poet, He who sings about the MoonBoy
KavineshLord of Poets; God of Poetry;Boy
KavinraA Poet; Well-versed Poem WriterBoy
KavinyanA Poet; Well-versed Poem WriterBoy
KavirThe Sun; Fire; Bright and Radiant LightBoy
KaviraajKaviraaj means Poet or a DoctorBoy
KaviraayaA Wise Man; Poet; Well-versed Poem WriterBoy
KavirajKaviraj means Doctor, HealerBoy
KavishKavish means He is the King of All PoetsBoy
KavishkumarKavishkumar means GodBoy
KavishrajThe name means Lord VinayagaBoy
KavishwaraThe name means He is the Lort of the PoetsBoy
KaviswaraThe name means Best of All the PoetsBoy
KavitPoem; Verse; PoetryBoy
KaviyarasanThe name means The One King of PoetsBoy
KavneerKavneer means He who is a Great PoetBoy
KavonThe name means Handsome Man, Good-lookingBoy
KavyKavy means BookBoy
KavyanandPoetic Enjoyment; One expresses happiness and delight with PoemsBoy
KavyanshIntelligent and Born with Poetry; Well-versed Poem writerBoy
KavyarajsinhThe name means Born of PoetryBoy

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