342 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ke

KelbiKelbi means Farm by the SpringBoy
KelbyKalby means Place by the Fountain or SpringBoy
KelceeThe name means BraveBoy
KeldonKeldon menas Town of the KeelsBoy
KeleKele means SparrowBoy
KelechiGlorify God.Boy
KelekolioKelekolio is a form of Gregory. It means watchful, alert.Boy
KelemanGentle; Kind; A variant of name ClementBoy
KelemenKelemen means GentleBoy
KelemeteKelemete is a variation of Clement. It means gentle.Boy
KelianBelgian term for a small water channelBoy
KeliiThe name means The Chiefunisex
KelikaKelika means Strong-WilledBoy
KelilKelil means CrownBoy
KelinKelin means Slender BoyBoy
KellKell means From the SpringBoy
KellaghKellagh means WarBoy
KellanKellan means SwampBoy
KellandThe name means StrifeBoy
KellenKellen means Slender, FairBoy
KellerKeller means Little ChampionBoy
KelleyKelley means WarriorBoy
KelliiThe name means ChiefBoy
KellinKellin means Slender, LittleBoy
KellyKelly means The Brave WarriorBoy
KelrenKelren means Clothes, WearingBoy
KelseaKelsea means Island of Shipsunisex
KelseyKelsey means He who is BraveBoy
KeltenKelten means Town of KeelsBoy
KeltiKelti means Clans of the Keltie, CallanderBoy
KeltonKelton means Town of the CeltsBoy
KeltonnThe name means Town where the Celts areBoy
KelvanKelvan means River ManBoy
KelvenKelven means Man from the RiverBoy
KelvinKelvin means From the Narrow RiverBoy
KelvynKelvyn means Man From the Narrow RiverBoy
KelwinThe name means From the Small RiverBoy
KelwynMeans From the Slender RiverBoy
KelyKely means Brave WarriorBoy
KemalKemal means PerfectionBoy
KembleKemble means From Beside the Water PipeBoy
KemeKeme means Secret ThunderBoy
KemeryKemery means From the place CambraiBoy
KemonteKemonte means Island of the ShipsBoy
KempKemp means Warrior, ChampionBoy
KempeKempe means Champion, AthleteBoy
KemperKemper means Champion, WinnerBoy
KemptonKempton means Son of the ChampionBoy
KenBorn of fire or handsome or healthy and strong, also a variation of KennethBoy
Ken'ichiThe name means Healthy, StrongBoy

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